13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle- Biden Keeps Promise to Taliban & Leaves Americans Behind 9/1/21

Joe Biden announced that he kept his promise… to the Taliban. The promise made to the American people, however, was thrown out the window. Biden told the Taliban that all military personnel would leave by August 31st. Biden also said the military would stay until every American was evacuated. Which promise was more important to Joe Biden?

After the fall of Kabul, the situation turned dire for Americans trapped in Afghanistan. Biden and his team of Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, and Antony Blinken showed incompetence that borders on treason. What can be done?

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:37 Biden keeps promise to Taliban; Americans left behind
6:30 Austin, Milley face calls to resign over Afghanistan
10:10 Poll: Biden should resign, but Harris is worse
13:11 Virginia Supreme Court reinstates teacher

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Welcome to the 13-Minute News Hour hosted by Bobby Eberle. This show contains a combination of news, culture, and current events… all the things that interest Bobby and hopefully interest you as well. Bobby’s experiences in politics, engineering, and sports help form the content and his perspective. Please jump in and leave comments and encourage your friends to subscribe. (13-minute run time is approximate) 🙂


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  • He has to keep looking at his watch, he can't remember what day it is.


  • Amazing how western media fall for Taliban Propaganda so easily

    They are fighting the Taliban, al-Qaida and Pakistan tech and special forces
    alone without any support from the West … even though the West will gain from their sacrifice. Deplorable!

  • You are a crazy old man

  • Accountability Biden.

  • There back for pay to play Hillary Clinton plan

  • They should resign and have there benefits taken from them

  • Impeach both of them. IMPEACH BIDEN and HARRIS.

  • This wasn't a mistake china joe did it this way because he was ordered to so that China could move in and take over their lithium and poppy fields.

  • Blood is on his hands. Blood is on his hands from Benghazi.

  • The Biden Harris Pelosi Administration is NOT going to hold anyone accountable. The only time Dems want to hold accountability, is if it benefits them political. They went after 45 time and time again with ZERO evidence…why bc if they had succeeded, it would benefit Dems politically. Biden Harris Pelosi Admin are DESTROYING AMERICA!

  • She cant save him. They both need to be put down

  • I enJOY > Your Style, the Subjects you cover, the length of your broadcast & the "time stamp/subject" list in the Show Notes. 👍🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Biden and his Administration, should not only resign, they should be charged for treason. Not only did he leave Americans behind, he just armed Terrorists and our borders are being invaded.


  • Take the useless piece of s h i t for a Taliban Helicopter ride!

  • Many of his military advisors suggested the pullout happen in the winter when traditionally the Taliban go home. We could have easily waited a few months and worked on getting folks out in a safer war environment.

  • 10% knew too much

  • Bring In President Trump The Legitimate President the president with a titanium spine He Will Make America Great Again thats what we badly need right now

  • Remove this man.

  • 10% for the big guy

  • They threw the US and Americans Under the bus

  • JRB resigning will NOT fix the problem… The faux VP will NOT fix the problem… Biden is half past dead, mentally deficient & potentially we could be stuck with the " cackling VP "… Either possible scenario is NOT the answer… What is the solution? The only option that seems plausible & to be getting very little traction, even on these conservative news outlets is for the REAL non-woke military to step in, shutdown the entire mafioso operation in it's entirety once & for all…The installation of real leadership that represents we the people…Enough of the cat & mouse games already, Afghanistan should be the final straw that brings this corrupt administration down. Is anyone listening to the American people's concerns on all of this?
    Bill on the Hill… :~)

  • Funny, we got into Afghanistan because of their protection of terrorists and, the final straw was, child genital mutilation. Now, 20 short years later, thanks to open borders and the transgender agenda. America is now protecting terrorists and committing child genital mutilation. You can't make this stuff up. Congratulations liberal sjw"s. If you can't see the trajectory of this, then there's nothing more to be said. Until you are hoisted on your own petard. Because they'll come for you too.

  • What's with Joke Biden and his 10%? Leaving 10% behind and calling it a success is not how missions work. Not completing a mission to 100% is a monumental failure, there'sno room for error or shortfalls of the objective. Had President Trump's order of eliminating Soleimani managed to terminate the 9 henchmen with him and not Soleimani himself, would that be a successful mission? Of course not!

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