13-Minute News Hour Bobby Eberle – Critical Race Theory: Leftwing Radicals Spin New Strategy 6/16/21

Concerned Americans are fighting back against critical race theory, and radical leftists are in a meltdown. Rather than just accepting leftwing indoctrination, parents are speaking out, and it has caused those on the left to adopt a new strategy. Instead of defending or debating critical race theory, the left is claiming that conservatives don’t even know what critical race theory is.

That’s the new strategy of the left: deflect and distract. With Florida joining other states in banning the teaching of critical race theory, leftwing activists are on their heels. Surely they could have come up with a better defense than “conservatives don’t know what they are talking about.”


⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:36 Leftists playing defense on critical race theory
7:12 Biden trashes Trump, Republicans on foreign trip
10:28 DeSantis calls out Facebook as “arm of the state”
12:49 Harris on “vaccination tour;” still hasn’t visited border

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  • Today, I watch G-7 world leaders laugh at Joey, The Man of Da Mentia. Boris Johnson has to remind Joey of something that just happened, then Joey insults Queen Elizabeth with reporters, “She Reminded Me of My Mother” prior to boarding Day Care 1… It's very sad and embarrassing to watch, C'MON MAN !

  • It's not new, but it's gone viral…

  • 𝙑𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙩 ** REAL NEWS. RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING NETWORK! https://rsbnetwork.com/ ⚡ ⚡ 🔴⚪🔵

  • Fact check true: democrats supported slavery so much that they fought a war to keep it. After losing that war the democrats then created the Jim Crow laws that they are now blaming Republicans, who fought against slavery and Jim Crow laws, for the very same laws that they created.

  • These children are being used and sold into trafficking this is why they are also wanting the border open. Using these children to make money and use them as Guinea pigs for science studying.
    Why else would the Biden administration let this happen. They are only looking out for their agendas . I wish more American people would wake up to the evil in this administration .

  • Question all liberal moves! Also keep an eye on all government.

  • Learn the lessons of history! Germany 1933: "The bigger the lie, passionately told often enough, the more the people will believe it. Particularly with the presence of a common enemy. "


  • Why is merica getting sooo close to being the film idiocracy

  • I’ve had it. I’m tired of being insulted by
    “A CERTAIN DEMOGRAGHIC GROUP OF HIPPOCRITIC RACIST LEFTISTS “ who’s numbers are far less than their total population which amounts to no more than 15% of our total population!!!
    I’m FED UP WITH THEIR B.S. and that of their lilly white sympathizers!
    If you want it, COME ON AHEAD AND GET YOU SOME !!!

  • The look on Richey’s face when he’s being misleading says it ALL. Smirking liar.

  • Why do the left have to fight about the truth.

  • Why don’t they announce, explain, and then ask the parents if their children will participate
    Not just do it and see what happens the Left are dumb people.

  • Thanks Bobby for posting and posting the truth. Keep it up.

  • 21st century snowflake fascism…By the DemocRats..

  • "I am smarter than to fall for what you're saying!" Love it! Keep those leftists in place!

  • The Left’s strategy…lie, lie, lie…deny, deny, deny…and obfuscate and deflect.

  • You Tube is censoring you tubers. Read media matters article, all 15 are deplatformed and they are going after more.

  • Biden is not a real president. The American People didn't elect him! He was elected by the Communists of Washington and China. I'm madder than a hyppo with a hurnia that Trump was frauded out by these Crooks, I know I'm using a lion king description of how mad I am, but that's how mad I feel. If we can't have Trump back in the White house, then Somebody tell DeSantis we need him as president and get Biden the flames out of our White house, because he's not fit to be commander and chief!

  • Its 6/16 – harris has yet to address the border crisis.

  • Good, the parents are speaking up! No CRT.

  • Keep finding the truth!

  • Bravo protesters

  • We must fight back against 'these' EVIL LIBERALS.

  • Critical Thinking not Critical Theory… Free the mind not Enslave it…

  • We know very well what it is. It is Marxist driven Critical Theory that seeks to disrupt society based on race relations.

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