Trump-Putin Summit: Mainstream Media in Panic Mode

Trump-Putin Summit: Mainstream Media in Panic Mode

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK ( – Judging by the mainstream media, the world, as we know it, will end when President Trump meets Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki. The mainstream media is in total fear that Vladimir Putin and President Trump might strike a secret deal.

President Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki will likely feature discussions about election meddling, war in Syria, and the North Korean threat. But the most important outcome of the meeting will be something that the mainstream media is not talking about: The extension of the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) nuclear treaty between the United States and Russia.

New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), is an arms control deal that came into effect on February 5, 2011, (under Obama administration), with the goal to limit the size of the American and Russian nuclear arsenals.

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is currently in effect until 2021, but there’s an option for the leaders of both countries to extend it up to 5 years.

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  • I am from India And I love Donald

  • I like how Trump wants peace with Russia. A contrast to Hillary

  • very impressive for his comment, he have only interest for the  country sucess, he forced south korea for the financial burden of defense cost, but that is a little bit wrong, korean spends too much money for the defese charge like buying a lots of weapons from america, many ppl dont know how much we buy from america, many military experts admit even many politicians know about it, but nobody say about it to the president, that is the problem of wrong system of america now on, its not the issue that we have to share and debate cos that is kind of confidential matter that we dont have to mention, its not the kind of pie that we have to share, its just pie it is and south korea tried to do many things for the america for the appreciation of the defense of korea peninsula since we have alliance agreement.

  • I don't watch mainstream news and for very good reason. Every news story will have a bias designed to make you have the same opinion as the person presenting. Instead I will research, read, watch old You Tube videos. I am Australian, not America but I still like to have an informed opinion on what is going on in the world. I happen to support a lot (not all) of what Trump says as its usually for the good of the people. Every politician will always have their own agenda but its up to you as a citizen to decide what policies you can live with and those you should live without. Personally I believe voting should be compulsory in every country and I encourage every voter to go away and do their research before basing their opinion off media bias.

  • Stupid audience

  • One thing we have in common about Trump is, he makes us feel better about ourselves.

  • Wow… I thought jimmy fallon voted Hillary

  • long live Trump ?

  • You don't know him ???? Is that a fucken joke?? How many collusion you had with Russia???? You congratulate Dictator the election was fraud but you still congratulate him. Didn't America stand for right and freedom ??? I guess not with you Trump !!

  • woah sm has changed lmao. trumps a dick now and matt is a rapist

  • he should be on talkshows like this NOW….. but i imagine he is tooo much of a coward to standup to how he is perceived in the rest of the world…

  • jimmy fallon "were a fan of matt lauer here too" -2016

  • i love trump and fallon

  • LIAR not what he said on Letterman back in 2013

  • Why is there so many dislikes?

  • When I look at videos like this, he doesn't seem like a bad guy. But when I look at things from after he became president… I'm so confused

  • Trump speaks the truth and he is very positive about things…

  • Jimmy Fallon's a puppet

  • Still a fan of Matt lauer

  • Tehehehe all this has come back to haunt you Donnie boy

  • “We love Matt Lauer”

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