This only happens when no one is watching | Rod Blagojevich

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on the sneaky behavior of Congress in the latest stimulus bill, President Trump vetoes defense bill, Trump’s pardon power and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘John Bachman Now.’

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  • God bless Governor Rod Blagojevich, who suffered by fallacy and distortion, fighting against lies and deceptions, and living in honesty. God bless President Trump.

  • Why are we listening to this guy? He is corrupt to the core! And why is he out of prison.

  • We the real people stand behind the president to kick his butt out of the WH. What BS program has a convicted felon offer any advise? Especially when his interpretation of the bill was made they Trumps lying eyes, both of whom have not even read the bill. I’m a real Republican (From Illinois) who is disgusted by Trump pardoning other government dirtbags pals who committed crimes against America! Pardoning them also violates victims right. Rod needed to stay in jail. Jail is what awaits Trump, his family & cronies.

  • I'll takeThe Furniture Sleep on it in the woods. Lost My House😊
    Praying for Politicians that they
    May GROW A ❤🙏🙏🙏

  • Rod so wise , !!!

  • When socialism starts it’s impossible to regain freedoms

  • Give us more of Rod !!!

  • Biden will make us all poor and homeless while he and his democrat politicians get rich 🤑

  • The money being allocated would give each person in;
    Isreal $56,281
    Sudan $16,746
    Egypt $13,209
    Ukraine $10,791
    Cambodia $5,262
    Nepal $4,628
    Burma $2,513
    Illegal immigrants in U.S. $1,800
    American citizens $600

  • The chinacrats need to go

  • We need some fuckimg money
    Someone get something done!

  • This bill is a disgrace to the American people it should be focused only on the American people who need the stimulus money not all this stupid s*** like tax breaks for NASCAR race track owners they are billionaires who cares make them pay the money, millions of dollars for the Kennedy Space Center that's not need it right now what's more important is the American people who need the money they could easily give $2,000 for each American that needs the money. The first stimulus check went to about 50 million Americans received the first check if they gave $2k to each American that's a hundred billion dollars the bill was for nine hundred billion you got 8 billion left put it to use small businesses all the things that matter is where the money should be used not on stupid stuff like sending millions of dollars overseas keep the money here in America put it to work our deficit is so large because of these idiots we got running our country I'm talkin Republicans and Democrats are so corrupt

  • Your absolutely right Governor

  • "They delight in lies." Ps 62:4 "To lie is bad enough, but to delight in it is one of the blackest marks of infamy." CHS. Pray for wisdom.

  • Trump pardoned the "fruits of the poisonous tree" of Mullers corrupt work.

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Hard to believe the Idiots in Washington thought they could rob the American people, what a bunch of Fools! Democrats motto, America Last!

  • Ben Sasse is as naive as most of us once were, swallows up propaganda machine product? In 2020? Inexcusable.

  • President Trump knows that most of these "career congressmen" are owned puppets that do only what they are told to do. they need to be pulled out by their roots!!

  • Pelosi = satan. She thinks she could drag Trump out of the White House by his hair. I'm sorry but I would be absolutely embarrassed to be a democrat. Disgusting animals

  • So, that’s what happened to Kushner too… time to clean up America. They basically target who they want to while atrocious amounts and kinds of crimes go unsolved. Lady justice has been crying for decades, it seems.

  • The Democrats have fallen into a strong delusion. Studies on gender transitions in Pakistan? This is nonsense!

  • Rod you are just a low life embarrassment

  • Why are we listening to a guy who tried to sell Obama's Senate seat?

  • They are trying to help the USA Inc. ….. berma testing shoddy drugs. Iran Transgender drug&and social engineering. …. just wait, once they perfect them …. USA Inc will have the very best😉

  • I hope the good folks of Georgia are watching this swamp …. vote accordingly.

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