George Papadopoulos reacts to being pardoned by Trump

Former Trump campaign advisor and political commentator George Papadopoulos, a self-proclaimed victim of the ‘witch hunt’ against the Trump administration, reacts after learning he was pardoned by the president. – with Newsmax TV’s Emma Rechenberg

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  • Mr. president is good man !

  • Newsmax loves to hide the truth. Trump is digging his own grave because Pres Pardons also take away the right to plead the 5th. When subpoened, they will have to truthfully tell all in court about Trump's dealings or face perjury charges. The new Attorney General should thank Trump for making his job SO MUCH EASIER. Trump, not the sharpest tool in the drawer

  • Russian collusion is a hoax… We all know that…. So, what President Donald Trump did is 100% justified….

  • President Trump has by his actions , continually exposed the rampant corruption in D.C. & peeled away the very thin veneer of any respectability that the media had placed upon the Admin of bho " the naked emperor " administration. I was accurate in calling bho , a TRAITOR , in the last days of his admin , & received a threatening phone call from the naked emperor just prior to him ceasing his Occupation of The Oval Office . I pray that the next 4 years of our Honorable , Legitimate President Trump will further expose the swamp members & keep them from implementing their plan to change this Nation to a CCP controlled enterprise …………..

  • FOUR MORE YEARS, it is what is RIGHT, Fair, legal and NEEDED, TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!

  • So what? Are they getting arrested? Are they going to be punished? Are they going to prison? The only democrat I heard of who faced consequences was Harvey Weinstein.

  • The Democrat Party is The Communist Confederate Party.

  • The Bigoted Left!

  • Treacherous, Wicked Democrats!

  • Stop the steal !!!

  • Pelosi says to pull Pres. Trump s hair out of the WH. How about we pull her HEAD out of CA and kick it to China for good.


  • Julian Assange needs to be pardoned also, Mr. President Trump.

  • Merry Christmas demoncrates!!

  • Just heard Pelosi will pull Trump out by his hair, good luck with that.

  • If you're Christmas shopping that's quite a surprise there??? What a flake.

  • Me luv me some emma

  • Cro-Magnon-species

  • Emma Rechenberg
    Whoa! What a beauty.

  • Thanks to a fellow criminal this criminal gets a platform to open his mouth when he should be caged!

  • American people are with you George. Keep well

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