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The Unholy Alliance of U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill – and Serbian Dictator, Tyrant Aleksandar Vučić

Christopher R. Hill has proven to be a disaster for US security policy

The Unholy Alliance of U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill – and Serbian Dictator, Tyrant Aleksandar Vučić

NEW YORK ( — Would you allow a criminal dictator to enter your country knowing how dangerous he is? Well, that’s exactly what the U.S. Embassy in Serbia did. Worse, the U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill met the tyrant in person just before he left for New York to assure him of his safety. The most frightening Serbian dictator, tyrant Aleksandar Vučić, will speak to UN diplomats at the 77th UN General Assembly in New York this week. The man is clueless about the state of the world — geopolitics, including the Ukraine; he doesn’t understand the real dynamics of the war in Ukraine today; he’s the most eager kneecapper of the Putin regime. On the one hand, Aleksandar Vučić defends the criminal Putin regime. But then he seems to realize that he has just painted himself in the corner, so he turns around and defends Ukraine, too. Such is life on the slippery slope. Meanwhile, Air Serbia continues to fly to Russia. And the Russian oligarchs keep stashing their dirty money in Serbia. We present a world exclusive, the secret transcript of the Aleksandar Vučić UN speech: “Yeah, alternative all right,” Aleksandar Vučić will say. “We shall continue to abuse our position and f— up the Western World. God bless Vladimir Putin.” Wow, so much packed into one little sentence. First, Aleksandar Vučić called the Russian invasion in Ukraine “terrific” (golly-wowy-gee-whiz wonderful might have been Putin´s wording). We have said often that getting a murdering tyrant out of power is a good thing. Once upon a time, that would have made me a nation-building, interventionist liberal. In our bulletin, it still does. Just not in the U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill’s. And then there’s Aleksandar Vučić´s snide remark about an enemy in Serbia. You should meet that enemy Christopher. He, too, is opposed to the Putin regime. He, too, believes that Aleksandar Vučić is dangerous. But he, unlike you, has the courage to fight for democracy and freedom in Serbia. You could learn a few things from this Serbian friend, Christopher. Many things. And there’s the heart of what’s wrong with the U.S. Embassy in Serbia and U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill: Who let that Serbian dictator into the country?

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The Pact With The Devil: The Tragedy of U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill – U.S. Embassy in Serbia

The Rich TVX News Network describes in harrowing detail the tragedy of U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill – U.S. Embassy in Serbia. That U.S. Embassy in Serbia has, in our opinion, been so grossly negligent, so disturbingly devoid of authentic debate, and actual dissemination of information about the real situation in Serbia under the Aleksandar Vučić regime. There’s been such an assault on democracy in Serbia, and the U.S. Embassy in Serbia is complicit in it. We reveal for the first time the unholy alliance of the U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill – and Serbian dictator, tyrant Aleksandar Vučić – the so-called pact with the devil. We wouldn’t do that because we wouldn’t want to embarrass the guy in front of the UN audience, who already appeared plenty embarrassed anyway. Every era gets the Ambassador it deserves, or at least the one policymakers think we want. For Christopher R. Hill that means an Ambassador who fights his foes in a scene that visually echoes the garden betrayal in “The Passion of the Christ,” as we presented Mr. Hill’s move to Serbia, like Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. “Aleksandar Vučić is special. He deserves to be treated differently. He deserves more support,” according to the U.S. Ambassador Christopher R. Hill. No, Sir, he deserves US prison because Aleksandar Vučić is a bloodthirsty tyrant who hates the United States of America, and he poses the greatest threat to the national security of the United States of America — does this sound familiar? The U.S. Department of State must call Christopher R. Hill back to the United States. The man has proven to be a disaster for US security policy. The poor man just gave himself whiplash flipflopping like that. Let us help you out here, Mr. Hill: Shame on you. You are a diplomat. You worked closely with Richard Holbrooke. Do you think Richard Holbrooke would have ever secretly met Aleksandar Vučić the way you did on Saturday? Was it smart? Knowing what a security risk Aleksandar Vučić represents for America. What do you think? Well, some prefer not to have to wait up for the news. We have contacts in the Serbian security apparatus. Go with it, Christopher. Go with it. Just please don’t treat the United States like Disneyland. Have a little respect. Thank you.

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Christopher Robert Hill

Christopher Robert Hill (born August 10, 1952) is an American diplomat who is United States Ambassador to Serbia. Previously, he was professor at George W. Ball adjunct Columbia University in the City of New York, the Chief Advisor to the Chancellor for Global Engagement and Professor of the Practice in Diplomacy at the University of Denver. Prior to this position, he was the Dean of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University, a position he held from September 2010 to December 2017.