Is The Whole World Ashamed of Bahrain?

The Troubling Questions Behind Dictator Aleksandar Vučić`s Visit To Bahrain

Where Ignorance is Bliss, 'Tis Folly to Be Wise'

The Troubling Questions Behind Dictator Aleksandar Vučić`s Visit To Bahrain

NEW YORK ( – Drawing on Rich TVX News sources, with the full support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, this is a unique feature article and a historic document of insider’s view of Aleksandar Vučić’s communist dictatorship in Serbia. Today, we are trying to show the reality of Serbia’s Aleksandar Vučić dictatorship, how it emerged, where it is and where it may go. In the two weeks before dictator Aleksandar Vučić’s trip to Bahrain there was something almost Orwellian about the state-controlled media in Serbia, to understand some passages, you had to know the code – there were references to Andy Warhol’s ‘Visual Art’, the ‘Rock Hudson’ moment, and ‘The Nutcracker’ (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky). Reflecting on the level of blame they share for broadcasting the Vučić regime’s propaganda, Anti-Vučić jokes are whispered secretly, for fear of informers. Serbia, under dictator Aleksandar Vučić has become a bizarre land inhabited by ‘an unknown number of subversives, perverts, and miscellaneous security risks, all of them are members of the criminal Vučić regime’ and ruled by a dangerous faker. Occasionally members of the state media staff disagreed about what sort of fool he was. Sometimes he was dismissed as an idiot – when the Belgrade-Pristina agreement with President Trump was signed, he was branded ‘50 tinies a fool’. Other times he appeared to be a liar –  especially after the arrest of Velja Nevolja or Velja the Trouble. Before more damage could be done, with dramatic economy in Serbia under the COVID-19 pandemic these scenes express volumes about the crushing poverty and paranoia of Serbian society under the dictatorship of the tyrant Aleksandar Vučić.

Bahrain Is The Home Of The Famous White Donkey

What Is A Dictator Doing In Bahrain?

Domestic animals are called after the region where the special breed was bred, and Bahrain is the home of the famous white donkey. Bahrain offers cultural and historical heritage with many forts and a plethora of museums, and also boasts a relaxed, cosmopolitan culture. Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf, nearby both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and if you decide to visit Bahrain, rest assured you will have many things to do. Thus the Bahrain donkey seem to be the issue here. The closer an observer was to Bahrain, the graver was his concern. We felt suffused with a sense of shame. It was the experience of the Rich TVX News Network that local communities under normal circumstances feel honoured when a President visits them, and partisan feelings are put aside, but we knew Aleksandar Vučić by reputation –  and we thought that there might be a few boos. In general – the prospects were not good. We looked for placards or eggs, as there was a banquet held that evening in his honour.

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Aleksandar Vučić had a lot to do in Bahrain, as details of Vučić’s wealth dripped out. What is a dictator doing in Bahrain? Well, dictator Vučić and his family appropriated Serbia’s wealth for 8 years and accumulated an estimated US$ 25 billion according to analysis by the United States Intelligence Community, a group of separate United States government intelligence agencies and subordinate organizations, with Vučić´s funds in Arab, Swiss and American banks, most of his wealth have been taken offshore and deposited in secret bank accounts, including investments and wealth funds across the globe, and Bahrain is the hub for financial services in the region. Bahrain´s retail banks are generally in robust health and have been working to remobilise their liquidity. Aleksandar Vučić´s life in luxury and debauchery; paying little regard to the established laws, Vučić oppressed the people in Serbia and endeavoures to destroy the country using the COVID-19 pandemic as tool. Is it right for United States to stand, still blinking our eyes, and looking foolish, while a lot of poor people in Serbia are starving to death? What about the orphans in Serbia? Children in Serbia are packed into orphanages in appalling conditions. And what about the thousands of Serbian children who are stolen from their parents and sold abroad every year, only to end up as replacement parts for organs? The widespread poverty in Serbia means that thousands of Serbian families have no choice but to abandon their offspring to the state. A study by the U.S.-based Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) found that Serbia’s treatment of its disabled citizens includes segregation, inhumane practices, and life-long detention in deplorable conditions. The study, a result of years of research, focused on orphanages and mental hospitals in Serbia. It underscores a long list of serious human rights abuses by citing concrete examples. Our question to the mainstream media, as follows: Why are you not doing anything? You could go on the TV and tell the world about Serbia and the Aleksandar Vučić regime!

Rich TVX News Tells The Story Of Courage Of Serbia’s Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović

How to Remember National Shame

However, slowly but surely the world is waking up when it comes to Aleksandar Vučić’s communist dictatorship in Serbia, and discovers slowly the gut-wrenching reality of the Vučić regime in Serbia. With a criminal transition taking place in the economic and political life of Serbia, many Serbs are shocked about the dramatic changes. With issues—ranging from racism against Gypsies and Jews to the economic problems that are plaguing Serbia. Even Ana Brnabić, serving as the current prime minister of Serbia is under investigation by United States Department of the Treasury. With dictator Aleksandar Vučić’s trip to Bahrain we are reminded of our obligations as the United States of America, and the U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world. With the invitation of the dictator Aleksandar Vučić, Bahrain is now a clear matter of national shame for generations to come. We can only hope that the future leaders of Bahrain will not make such catastrophic mistakes, and invite again a dictator who has blood on his hands.

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Meet Serbia’s Next President Nikola Sandulović

The United States remains vulnerable not only to foreign terrorist attacks and mass shootings by domestic terrorists, but to many other problems abroad like rogue dictators. For those who are not satisfied with just reading to what is going on in Serbia, the United States need urgently to re-appraise the seriousness of the danger of the dictator Aleksandar Vučić for the U.S. for national security, including the danger inherent in the attacks being carried out by the Aleksandar Vučić against Serbia’s opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican party in Serbia – perhaps the best organized of the Serbian political parties, serving as a real opposition party to the criminal Vučić regime, and Serbia’s only real opposition party. Nikola Sandulović, an experienced and influential opposition politician, says “serious threats” have been made against him and his wife and daughter. Nikola Sandulović’s dramatic interview with Rich TVX News tells the story of courage in the face of tyranny and inhumanity of the oppressive regime of Aleksandar Vučić. Let’s be real: Aleksandar Vučić attacks on Nikola Sandulović will never stop. The poisoning of Nikola Sandulović in prison appears to be a watershed moment, for the events that will determine Serbia´s next President Nikola Sandulović, because the criminal Vučić regime is afraid of Nikola Sandulović, he might turn against them and put them on trial for corruption. We have not the slightest doubt.

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