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U.S. officials warned the dictator Alexander Lukaschenko

Tell Alexander Lukaschenko To Put His Boots On And Get Ready

2022 is a year those Ukrainians won't forget

Tell Alexander Lukaschenko To Put His Boots On And Get Ready

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — 2022 — is Ukraine already taken yet? Not really. Bad show, comrade, bad show. It has become fashionable lately to question the extent of the personal powers of twenty-first century dictators. So tell us comrade Lukaschenko those agents of yours in Ukraine — are they too overloaded or is it the old problem again; setting your own agents up against each other, is that it? After all, you did not manage to restore the old empire yet, really. From a crisis which, according to all the rules, should have ruined him, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia extricated himself with skill, by portraying himself to the Russian public as the world’s peacemaker. In Putin’s Russia one did not solve a problem, one “attacked” it; one “retreated,” “regrouped,” organised a “campaign”; and one was at “war” against the “enemy.” Individual members were assigned broad and specific areas of responsibilities. These included, but were never limited to, officially designated party or government functions. On the other hand, Putin’s system of decision making and administration—super—centralized, ponderous, enormously complex, but even during these difficult times arising out of COVID-19 pandemic, one acted on various “fronts”—medical, industrial, technological—and one had a “strategy” and “tactic” for each “sector.” The most striking imagery was of the Union State, the Union State of Russia and Belarus, as an “army,” but the Belarusian involvement in an expanded Russian war against Ukraine would risk bringing the end of dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s regime. U.S. officials warned the dictator in response to the deployment of Russian forces in Belarus. The U.S. has also threatened to halt the opening of a key pipeline that would send Russian gas to Western Europe, if Russia invades Ukraine. But that the system could actually work and survive depended on a number of factors. First of all, most decisions were made in countless and almost constant meetings between Putin, and few selected Kremlin´s inner circle members; these were often held informally over dinner or drinks at Putin’s suburban villa. All discussion ended once Putin expressed a definite opinion. Putin ended with the words: “And before I forget, tell Alexander Lukashenko to put his boots on and get ready.”

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

The Dark Forces In The Kremlin Urgently Need A New Conflict

We got a runaway train, boy. His name is Alexander Lukaschenko. He overshot the mark like always and spoke to his loyalists. He promised to stand up for Russia. Lukaschenko said it was him, not Putin, who initiated the exercises on the border with Ukraine. He promised to return Ukraine to the “Slavic bosom.” Lukaschenko threatened Lithuania with the destruction of statehood. It is precisely these types of people who do the most harm to Putin and the Kremlin. And here we are exactly at this point, after the Bosnian Serb dictator Milorad Dodik so miserably failed to organise a new war in Bosnia. The dark forces in the Kremlin urgently need a new conflict. It doesn’t matter where. It was probably difficult to grasp at that stage the fact that the entire coercive apparatus had become independent of the network — a tool of dark forces. And when the final order came, it was too late for reflection and reaction. To protest, to ask questions, or even to reflect was to condemn oneself to prison. German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, told parliament that Western allies were “working on a strong package of sanctions” covering aspects “including Nord Stream 2”. This brings us to the central paradox of Russian super-power. NATO is developing the capacity for devastating nuclear strikes against the Russian Federation – which includes involving members of the NATO alliance who don’t have such weapons in training operations – Russia’s officials have claimed. But what the NATO countries had in mind was an opening-up of Eastern Europe, including Russia, to Western ideas. Yesterday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed disappointment in the American response to the proposals, saying that the US had refused to make concessions concerning the expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe. We do not know how much longer Vladimir V. Putin will remain in office. We do expect, however, that as long as he does remain his policy will remain basically intact. What most Russian citizens recall is the contrast between the Putin years and the craziness of the Boris Yeltsin era. At home, Putin was indeed a conservative. But abroad he was—by Russian standards—an innovator.

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The Craziness Of The Boris Yeltsin Era

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