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Task Force KleptoCapture: The Complete Destruction Of The Russian Oligarchs

The conscious enemies of the Western world, will not be spared

Task Force KleptoCapture: The Complete Destruction Of The Russian Oligarchs

NEW YORK ( —  It would be very easy to say that the Russian oligarchs came to America, took their chances like other businessmen and proved more successful in the competitive struggle. But that would not include all the facts. The first is this: Russian oligarchs are not the real owners of the funds. Secondly, the Russian oligarchs came to the United States with the financial backing of the Kremlin behind them. There’s this pathetic Russian Serbian propaganda website They´re trying to walk. They turn. They look. It’s the Rich TVX News Network, and not the Trojan army which just grabbed them so hard. The arrogant Russian oligarchs had a similar experience. It should be borne in mind that the destruction of Russian oligarchs is a very impersonal business. We´ve long ago predicted to them that they will no longer exist as a class. They didn’t want to believe us at the time. The Russian oligarchs are the world’s enigma. Poor in their masses, they still control Russia’s finances. Russian oligarchs present a unity of crime continuity which no other criminal gang before has achieved. They have become the power behind many thrones. The question is. If the Russian oligarchs are in control, how did it happen? If Russian oligarchs are in control, is it because of their superior criminal ability, or is it because of the inferiority and don’t-care attitude of the West? The criminal Russian oligarchs and their satellites, as the conscious enemies of the Western world, will not be spared, as the U.S. Department of Justice is seeking broader authority from U.S. Congress to seize criminal Russian oligarchs’ assets as a means to pressure the Kremlin over its invasion of Ukraine. Nowadays, however, the Russian oligarchs are being placed under the microscope of U.S. Department of Justice observation. The U.S. Congress will allow prosecutors to seek forfeitures of assets used to evade U.S. sanctions, not just proceeds of sanctions evasions. The U.S. DOJ’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine included the launch of Task Force KleptoCapture.The Task Force is an interagency law enforcement endeavor led by Justice Department prosecutors and dedicated to enforcing the sweeping sanctions and export restrictions that the U.S. has imposed, along with allies and partners, in response to Russia’s unprovoked military invasion. The DOJ has long targeted sanctions evasion, Russian organized crime and global kleptocracy, The work of the Task Force is based on the sanctions and export controls imposed in response to Russian aggression.

RICO Will Finish Off The Russian Oligarch Scum

After all, the carrying of the fight to the enemy and the destruction of his capabilities at the source constitute the best and only sure defense.The primary obstacle to identifying illicit proceeds and the actors for whom, and by whom, those funds are transmitted, is the use by criminal networks of shell corporations found in multiple, often offshore and relatively non-cooperative, jurisdictions. Banks, accountancy firms, law firms, real estate agents, financial advisors and other traditional and non-traditional financial services firms are key gatekeepers for, and access points into, the global financial system, including favored U.S. markets. The Task Force is therefore directing particular attention to attempts by foreign individuals and entities, including off-shore shell corporations, to move funds through correspondent accounts at U.S. banks. In its simplest form, this may involve stripping critical information (or inserting affirmatively false information) from international wires, thereby undermining the anti-money-laundering, countering-the-financing-of-terrorism, and sanctions-enforcement programs of U.S. financial institutions. The U.S. Treasury Department has rolled out lists of sanctioned individuals and entities subject to asset freezes, and sanctions targeting services that might be provided to, or transactions with, those listed targets. The Task Force’s scope will be based in part on the Commerce Department’s series of export controls placed on particular U.S. goods and technologies bound for Russia, and on actors within the global supply chain who provide Russia with the raw material for conducting wars of aggression. The good news, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act once introduced, will finish off the Russian oligarch scum. The U.S. Treasury Department has expanded sanctions on Serb dictator Milorad Dodik, who has led a campaign to strengthen a secessionist bid to withdraw from state-level institutions despite warnings from the West. “Milorad Dodik’s destabilizing corrupt activities and attempts to dismantle the Dayton Peace Accords, motivated by his own self-interest, threaten the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region,” Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E Nelson said in the statement over six months ago. The following question arises: what does Avigdor Lieberman have to discuss with the sanctioned dictator Milorad Dodik? Avigdor Lieberman met with Milorad Dodik in Jerusalem today. Was it about the sales of the jets to Croatia again? How can it be that Milorad Dodik meets with Avigdor Lieberman on behalf of Croatia? Isn’t Milorad Dodik a representative of the Serbs? It is an unbelievable scandal that Avigdor Lieberman is not ashamed to damage Israel’s reputation in such a brutal way. And all against the will of America. Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, please do Israel and yourself a favor and resign immediately. Thank you.