Talking TEXIT | Allen West and Bob McDonnell

Lt. Col. Allen West and former Governor Bob McDonnell on Texit it’s repercussions, Liz Cheney’s decision to impeach the former President of the United States and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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  • Hi guys,
    My name is Kevin. In October I was living in Chicago where I had lived my whole life. Living as an openly conservative person led to me getting jumped and hospitalized. I decided I had to leave everything, got in my car and drove to Arizona with nothing lined up but a job interview which thank God I nailed. I spent a few nights in my car until I got a small studio apartment for my dog and I. I have PTSD and my funds are at zero. There’s nothing that will ever make me take government handouts even if I knew how to. I’m embarrassingly asking my fellow Americans if they can help me out so I can have gas to get to work. I don’t know anyone here yet but I don’t want to lose everything. If you have an open heart my venmo is @kwarner and my cash app is @kdubbbbbz. It makes me sick people collecting unemployment are making more than me working 6-7 days a week. I don’t like where the world is headed. God bless.

  • RINOS all over the place (like Cockroaches). 😬😬😬

  • Biden is a BAFOON


  • I hope the US splits into a modern day confederate States of America.

  • I will move in a heartbeat to any state that leaves this CORRUPT socialist controlled union. And I pray to GOD that the liberals, globalists, socialists, BLM's & ANTIFA's do NOT follow.

  • It's all nonsense. They're not going anywhere.
    If they actually we're interested they would just declare Texas an autonomous state right now and cut off all federal outgoings.

  • And your president is Donald Trump😂😂😂👍👍👍

  • Republicans let down their voters. We won't forget. Power to the people like it should be.

  • I’m super far left but I agree we should let Texas out and let them form their own nation along with any other state that’s wants to join them

  • I will vote for Texit and every Texan I have spoken with will vote for Texit. The US is no longer a functioning Union. The federal governments corruption and tyranny is beyond repair. Texas will kick off the exit but expect the majority of States to follow and disown the Illegitimate US government.

  • Go Texas! I’ll move there!


  • I’m down for Texit

  • Texas should have succeeded a long time ago.

    You can’t impeach a person who is not in office. Silly democrats don’t read

  • Cheney will not be reelected. It is up to the people and the people are not happy.

  • Aaaand she is still there

  • Col. West, good to see you Sir.

  • Article I, Section 8 provides explicitly for a national capital that would not be part of a state nor treated as a state, but rather a unique enclave under the exclusive authority of Congress — a neutral “district” in which representatives of all the states could meet on an equal footing to conduct the nation's ..

  • All states should take a stand. Speak up and be heard. Will I be impeached for saying that?😂

  • We SEND 103 to 160 BILLION every 9 months to the US Gov, and barely see any come back.

  • Trump never was a real republican he helped Democrat win White House and Senate

  • As a Texan I fully support TEXIT

  • DC will be the smallest state at only 68 sq. miles! Rhode Island is 1545 sq. miles. Delaware is 2489 sq. miles.
    Why not just absorb it into Maryland or another attached state?
    Makes no logical sense to create a new state. Unless of course you're an illogical Democrat.

  • It’s time for Americans to wake up to a new fundamental reality. The unity in this country cannot be guaranteed anymore. 61% of Americans believe a civil war is coming. TIME FOR SECESSION! #Secession #Texit

  • How would it affect the Texas residents on Federal assistance programs such as SSDI, SSI?

  • Mr Salcedo is the only reason I still pay any attention to Newsmax at all. He throws out truth like a flamethrower while his coworker runs off stage in a raging tantrum.

  • If Texas ever leaves the union I'm going to Texas.

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