Sean Spicer reacts to Biden's new Press Secretary hearing

WASHINGTON: After the first few press hearings held by Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki, Sean Spicer, who served as the Trump administration’s leadoff PS, reacts to the ‘softballs’ that were tossed her way from the press. – via Spicer & Co., weekdays at 6PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • That man/ woman he put in office is an ugly joke! The world is laughing at us. Dementia Joe, Kamala Ho, are huge JOKE'S.

  • Sean, Sarah and Kaleigh were the best!

  • So glad people are starting tp wake up!

  • They'd have to do a deep cleaning especially after Obuma lived there once

  • Media for you

  • It's all a joke.

  • Joe the PALMIST Devout Catholic….

  • Jennifer Psaki, boring person, drone. Had to click away, the press meeting was Horrible. Going to miss, Kaleigh, personality, energy, fact telling and her moxie, dealing with the childish Press. Also miss Sean Spicer, great personality and combative, with dumb press when needed. Its going to be a very boring, Sleepy Joe, 4 years.

  • Where’s Kayleigh😭

  • Unbutton ya shirt. Yu bouta choke on ya shirt

  • The Plan is going the way my Lord has it going, Trust in the Truth …

  • Wow shes just not polished enough to fill these shoes. Sorry red but you'd make a better vet assistant or something.

  • She is so incompetent just like the rest of Biden's crew nothing to see here.

  • The press is playing a dangerous game .

  • This is a seriously dangerous situation for Biden’s press lady….she could easily die of boredom🤔

  • What color is Bidens socks?

  • And why can’t anyone leave a comment on the press brief videos 🙄

  • She’s lying already! Biden mandates mask wearing then he attends a ceremony maskless! That didn’t take long!

  • Sean, why are you calling sleepy joe, president biden? You know he is an illegal, illigimate president. Voter,election fraud.

  • HOW can a COMMUNIST like 'bye-done' "attend church"????!!!!! COMMUNISTS don't want ANYTHING to do with God or ANY kind of religion – they ABSOLUTELY HATE RELIGION!!!!!!

  • A whole bunch of bimbos

  • PLEASED to hear BIDEN is a " DEVOTE CATHOLIC " !

    Now, being ignorant of religious matters , could some expert enlighten me when it comes to the following questions :
    1. Are there 3 religions that have
    10 commendments ?
    If so , DOES the BIBLE of the " DEVOTE CATHOLIC " J.BIDEN contain the FOLLOWING :
    I. Do N O T. S T E E L
    II. Do N O T give F A L S E.
    T E S T I M O N Y
    III. Do. N O T. L I E
    IV . Do. N O T. K I L L
    V. Do N O T. D E S I R E
    someone else's WIFE ……

    D O E S the BIBLE of the
    " D E V O T E. C A T H O L I C "
    J. BIDEN contain the
    Am I wrong , if I remember in my ignorance , that there must be WRITTEN SOMETHING about a MAN who made LOVE with a MAN ?
    ( and some OTHER interesting aspect ….. )

    DOES some " episode " talking about " SODOM and GOMORRAH "
    EXISTE in the BIBLE of the " DEVOTE CATHOLIC " J. BIDEN ?????

    Now , in ROME , there are T W O
    1 . JOSEF RATZINGER ( who has been threatened to
    " RESIGN " )

    In WASHINGTON , there are TWO
    2. j.biden …..

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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