Sen. Paul Joins One America News to Discuss Impeachment – January 26, 2021


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  • Dem party spent the last 4 years putting the country through a Moscow conspiracy Charade, why would they stop now.

  • Impeach buck Fiden! Enough is enough already. Republicans are looking really weak.

  • Future President of the United States.

  • This Democrat partisanship and their stunning hypocrisy have no ends. They just want a constant reminder of their victimhood and their new New Pearl Harbor. It’s overkill. As leftists continue to wreck havoc, the only unrest the media wants to discuss is the idiots at the Capitol

  • Glad that the comedy show is over. Otherwise, Dems could go in and impeach in advance anyone whom they fear could be a candidate they do not like.

  • You failed America by not investigating fraud!

  • Fund Gun safety and qualifications for all, "government," that is Pro Gun.
    We should all carry guns to work. Gun free zones get people killed. Teach gun safety in high school and get everyone qualified to carry. We should not fear guns we should expose ourselves to them. The mentality crazy will get themselves killed instead of life sentences. I truely free country that values education would spend money for gun safety for everyone.
    The world would be safer. Only the suicidal would go for a vengeful kill. Christians do not believe in suicide. If you are a Christian you will not kill yourself because your last act on earth would be a sinful one. No time to ask for forgiveness! Not good if you love God and want his grace.
    Yes, of course people would treat people with more respect and not run their mouth so carelessly. Not having guns allows disrespectful cowards to actually cause more harm than guns. Bullying would go way down and work place toxicity would become less sinister. Our world is evil and evil does not like to be restricted by homo sapiens having cultural norms that defuse evil before it starts.
    A lot of evil is mass executed through communication via words and body language. That would all change and a new culture would arise that is based on respect if everyone had a power to defend themselves. Only the evil guilty people that want to cause negativity would feel scared that someone would take offense and then shoot them. Only the guilty would fear an innocent armed man, woman, student, work colleague, person in traffic, child and etc. Phycology of the culture would change for the better because personal responsibility, psychological maturity would have to grow. Christians and Capitalist value personal responsibility greatly.

  • We need to remember that Rand publicly stated that the election was fraudulent and then voted to certify the known fraudulent electors. Et tu, Rand?

  • Senator Paul, Thank you and keep speaking the truth, we the people need to hear you.

  • I will give Rand Paul credit where it is due. I've been critical of him as of late of not taking enough action and only winning pointless arguments. While I'm not totally convinced he does seem to spearheading some good moves since then and I wish him the best. Remember Dr. Paul, this country needs more than a sharp mind and a good soul, it needs a leader and I wish you the best in your efforts.

  • They want boarder wall down but put up wall in dc.

  • If they vote against impeachment trial, then how is a trial 'moving forward'. Sounds like the Supreme Court does need to get involved this time as this is completely off the rails.

  • It's about to be 40 impeachments if they can do this. Every previous president is at risk

  • The Pelosi & Schumer Show is ridiculous … This is the Pelosi & Schumer Show, this nonsensical impeachment, right? Even me as a german speaking European recognize there must be something fishy.

  • If they can impeach citizen Trump, they can impeach every single Trump supporter to prevent anyone else besides demoncraps holding office…

  • I'm asking for real; do you think this is a legit news source?

  • End The Fed..Bam,All your problems gone after you transition to a stable Gold Backed currency as well as a Gold Backed USA crypto coin.Take the middlemen/women out of the economy as they are siphoning BILLION$ right now and you'll gain prosperity/wealth.

  • Why are the democrats so afraid of trump??

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