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President Nikola Sandulović Receives Over 30 Threatening Messages in 5 Days

Serbian Police Suspected of Involvement in Threats

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Republican Party President in Serbia Fears for Safety

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The authoritarian and highly criminal regime of Aleksandar Vučić in Serbia appears to revel in the killing of political opponents, treating it as a perverse form of sport. One such victim was Vladimir Cvijan, whose murder at the hands of the secret police BIA and the criminal cartel SNS remains a disturbing testament to the regime’s brutality. Shockingly, Gabriel Escobar, the Deputy Assistant Secretary responsible for policy towards the Western Balkans, has proven woefully ineffectual in preventing such atrocities from occurring.

Additionally, Vučić has a penchant for misusing Interpol as a tool for harassing his critics, further underscoring the regime’s contempt for basic human rights and the rule of law. It is important for the international community to hold such regimes accountable for their actions and to support the protection of human rights and democratic values. Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, has been the target of more than thirty threatening messages within the last five days. He has dutifully reported these alarming incidents to the Serbian police, yet regrettably, he has received further messages from unidentifiable sources following his official report. The gravity of this matter is further compounded by Mr. Sandulović’s belief that an individual within the ranks of the police or prosecutor’s office may be complicit in these nefarious activities, as evidenced by the fact that the content of his police statement was regurgitated in subsequent messages.

Aleksandar Vučić, the authoritarian Pampers wearing dictator of Serbia, appears to take his cues for the persecution of political opponents from his superior, Vladimir Putin, in the Kremlin. It seems that nothing of significance occurs in Serbia without the blessing of the Führer in Moscow. As is customary, a copy of this Rich TVX News Network article will be disseminated to various organizations, including the CIA headquarters, NATO, US State Department, US Department of Treasury, EU, US Embassy Belgrade, and Ambassador Christopher R. Hill, among other entities, to function as evidentiary support for future legal proceedings.

Republican Party in Serbia
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The lack of confidence in Russia’s future by Putin is evident in the country’s regression to 1933, with Putinism becoming increasingly similar to Stalinism, characterized by the infamous labeling of “enemies of the people” and the revival of Gulags. The current penitentiary system cannot accommodate the number of incarcerations that the reformed legislation will produce, and the Kremlin’s system of fear is cumulative, with phobias being compensated for by deforming legislation. Putin’s democracy has witnessed the addition of new offenses, including public discrediting of military actions, dissemination of false information about the world’s second army, and calls for sanctions against the Russian Federation. Dissemination of false information carries a sentence of 15 years of state imprisonment with vigilant supervision and full-time employment. In January-February of 2023, Putin put in place safeguards against betrayal by his own entourage, and the Council of Federations sanctioned the draft law on punishment for cooperation with the International Criminal Court.

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In the case of aggression against Ukraine, the high-ranking accomplices to the crime will need to be identified. In a continuation of Putin’s oppressive tactics, he has signed a new law that imposes a “life sentence” for “treason,” while also reinstating the use of Stalinist-era terms like “enemy of the people.” The Duma has proposed the confiscation of property from Russians who have left the country, a punishment reminiscent of Stalinism. Putin’s “reforms” aim to ensure active loyalty and usefulness to the regime, with any accumulated merits being annulled. Senator Clishas’ statement that the president’s words are above any law or Constitution exemplifies the current era, in which anyone can be arrested for anything.


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The dismantling of Putin’s regime is essential for Russia to overcome its imperial syndrome, and Ukrainians and Russians should be invested in Ukraine’s victory.

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Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić is financing a legion of pro-Vučić internet trolls who use social bots and large-scale trolling and disinformation campaigns to promote pro-Vučić and pro-Greater Serbia propaganda on Serbian and international political blogs and internet forums. These trolls, known as Vučić trolls or Vučić bots, are paid in euro cents per posting and are organized into teams and groups.
Despite being labeled with derogatory names on Twitter by some Aleksandar Vučić trolls, the Rich TVX News Network is proud of its team and is not influenced by pro-Vučić propaganda. While there are also SNS internet trolls who lack psychological intelligence, Rich TVX News is not concerned with them. The purpose of this disclaimer is to address pro-Vučić internet trolls: The Rich TVX News Network is proud of its stellar team and will not be swayed by your opinions or propaganda.


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