OAN "reporter" blows up at journalist for asking how she's covering Fraudit she's raising money for

One America News personality Christina Bobb blows up at Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield, who has been questioning Bobb about her objectivity covering the Cyber Ninjas audit of Maricopa County ballots when Bobb’s been actively fundraising for the effort.

Bobb yells at Fifield something that sounds like, “You can come at me every fucking day!  I don’t care.”

Bobb may also be mad at Fifield for uncovering that Bobb was helping Donald Trump attorney (and Nosferatu cosplayer) Rudy Giuliani raise money and helping him overturn the 2020 presidential election, all while working as an alleged independent “reporter” covering election fraud claims.


  • Christina Bobb is awesome.

  • What was actually said:
    Fifield: At what point is it appropriate for you to say something? (she was referring to Vernon Jones humiliating her when she asked a question)

    Bobb: When are you going to say something to Buzzfeed, CNN, WAPO, Daily Beast? This happens to me every f*cking day so the fact that you’re upset about it? I really don’t care.

  • The only fraud is this channel and any idiot who would support it. Bobb is awesome!!

  • Christina thinks she's smarter than a 5th grader. Likely will be disbarred and serve jail time. I pity all these people
    following a Cult Leader sheepishly. Those counting will manufacture FRAUD and end up in JAIL. Spoiler alert,
    Justice Department is waiting for YOUR SO CALLED FRAUD RESULT.

  • OAN is actual news.

  • Fifield needed to be put in her place. You need context in your video description.

  • Get her girl!

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