One America News BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 5AM 2/17/2021 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 5AM Feb 17, 2021

#Foxnews #Newsmax #OAN
One America News BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 5AM 2/17/2021 | BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 5AM Feb 17, 2021


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • More questions than answers! Hunters laptop, quid pro Joe!, antifa/blm, Pelosi's investments, pork in passed and present bills with money for anyone else but Americans…and the election integrity has been destroyed! Quit dodging…

  • Limbaugh is dead.
    OAN news is lying about Texas energy.
    Forbes magazine and everyone else said it was frozen gas lines that shut down the power grid in Texas.

  • Obviously, Nancy set the breach of The House of Congress up, they stopped the impeachment trial abruptly when the lawyers suggested calling in witnesses! Why? Because Nancy would have been questioned under oath and she would have bumbled her answers enough to get to the truth! She would have been found out of her guilt of setting the whole thing up!!!! Nancy needs to be arrested!!!

  • Chinese's money is talking again!

  • You Democrats going to put the white flag up and surrender with all your lies

  • What you need to realize about China is that they're population is so massive that they have to control the world's resources. They can't risk depending on another nation no matter if that nation is an adversary or an ally. Covid has exposed our dependence on China for medical and pharmaceutical supplies and Trump cleared Gov. red tape and policies that don't achieve what they're on the books to do. Look at Biden cancelling the Pipeline. He cancelled a project that is the most environmentally safe way to move petroleum /natural gas. It's obvious to me that his motives aren't for environmental reasons like Dem's claim it is. No doubt the emotional ruled but analytically deficient men and women who back Dem's and were out there protesting believe that stopping construction is a win for some childish notion that they are in touch with the spirit of the mother earth. How these people can be as one with the cries of Mama Earth but not understand that the pipeline has shut off valves. These valves are emergency shut off valves they can instantly stop spills in case of such an event. Big rig trucks and rail road containers don't have this same level of safety built into to it's structure. However, Biden does get that. All of his admin get's that. They canceled the pipeline to punish and weaken patriotic American's who they know support MAGA and they wish that they we're loved by their base. Truth is their scared of their base which is why the National Guard is in DC. If it wasn't Antifa and BLM would be telling them what time it is. They can't act like cowards for 4 years. The guard will go home and mark my words ANTIFA and BLM is coming to collect . They ain't getting it . No way Dem's will take a leak on them toss 'em a bone and blame it all on Trump. THAT SHOULD BLOW UP IN THEIR FACE….FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING BUT WITH ANTIFA AND BLMWHO KNOWS.

  • Your done McConnell your on your way out 😜👎🐭

  • Nancy knows all she is a trader to America she is covering up all she caused this because of hate for trump he didn't let her get away with her deceit

  • China mitch they are all working to get china take over it on biden said it in his speech

  • Disgusting 🤮

  • Wipe your tears Mr. Mitch and Pelosi yaws day is coming.Oh, Biden as well.

  • Mitch McConnell is the lead rhino wake up America Trump is our last hope before becoming a third world country

  • This is one mans opinion. Just like ass holes. Everybody has one. Good try China Mitch

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