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Pro-Trump OAN network admits there was no widespread fraud in Georgia in the 2020 election after extensively pushing the claim

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  • Shocker you mean unfounded and corroborated claims have shown to be unfounded and erroneous? Shocker! Trumpers mad, while Conservative Republicans are embarrassed that the narrative has gone this far.
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  • The OAN reporter sounded dead pan to me.

  • Can you please make a review on 2000 mules movie

  • I’m confused??? Why did they shut it down
    Never have they kicked people out and put pizza boxes on windows.
    Something happened and we may never know

  • I delete data before an audit because I am confident that no fraud will be found in democrat run Georgia.

  • No evidence of voter fraud 😂😂

  • 81m votes for that paper weight and you believe it?

  • What it all comes down to is that this was the most confusing election in American history. It had nothing to do with democrats trying to "steal the election". But everything to do with the huge margin of error of incorrectly filled out mail-in ballots, drop boxes, etc.. Just an unfortunate time for voting IMO.

  • OAN is off the air since mid April, but I never thought this would happen to them. Lucas, regardless of what anybody says there was cheating in that last election. And if you don't see that, then your lost. By the way, has anybody told you that you've changed?

  • Trumps dying words will be I won the 2020 election. I won by a lot a tremendous amount. Now Biden is a senile fool as is Trump but he did win. I personally can't stand either one of them but at least Bidens supporters aren't worshipping him like a God. Both of these decaying white men are on the side of evil. Absolutely nothing Christian about either one.

  • Lucas – How do you explain the 2,000 mules movie? Absolute proof of cheating!

  • Lucas I know you mean well, but the OAN video was part of their 2000 mules report on the election fraud claimed in georgia. Unfortunately you were duped into running with the headline, where the Daily Beast split the report practicly mid -sentence to make it sound like something else. The great deceiver is bad about that.

  • We had the most fair election in American history

  • And the truth is there was fraud in the 2020 election. Plenty of it. Was it enough to swing the election in favor of Biden in close battle ground states.

  • What's your name…… Mostly you get it right but this time you are wrong ; and give back some of that money you got today .(" 2,000 Mules" ) – and beyond ( like in Ukraine 🔥 in the hole and that's a bunch of stupid crap too ) .

  • I love when you are right Lucas

  • anybody should watch 2000 Mules from Dinesh d' souza . There you got it

  • So when Trump won democrats said there was voter fraud and Russian intervention but when Joe Biden won democrats said our voting system is perfect and there can be no voter fraud. Lmao.

  • So it really is the bidensexuals fault for getting us in the mess we're in.

  • Doesn’t explain anything Lucas. OAN has been compromised.

  • They knew it was a damn lie from the beginning, they just claimed that voter fraud BS because they're cult leader lost

  • Not true!!!!! So much fraud it is not funny!!!! You have not done your research! I agree the media is lying. I can not believe you believe that the storming the Capital was by just Trump supporters. Many ANTIFA where there and changed in to MAGA clothes! Many people have not need given their right s and incarcerated for it! Many people have come forward and told of witnessing voter fraud first hand!!! I watched the Election through the night and saw for myself how States that where Trump was Winning were shut down and surprised next days they just happen to find all of these ballots !!! So very, very disappointed in you!!!! I thought you were a truth seeker!! Next thing you are going to tell me is there are more than 2 sexes’

  • Actually 2000 mules shows full evidence of voter fraud. I mean strictly illegal stuff. No conspiracy just straight facts.

  • I am so pissed that i listened to OANN had me believing election fraud 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Imagine my shock.

  • What's funny is that Trumpers would call Lucas the RINO

  • I haven't seen one of your videos in months and mannn your beard is looking healthy!

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