NY Young Republican leader is taking on Wall Street

WALL STREET: Gavin Wax, President of the New York Young Republicans Club, talks about the grass roots movement he’s organizing to peacefully protest against big stock traders and the big Wall St. figures amid the GameStop, Robinhood situation. – via Michelle Malkin Sovereign Nation, Saturdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Why is Michelle's audio so poor? 🙁

  • More political shenanigans, talk, talk , and more complaint, but no action of any kind. This is so boring now and same old BS. Military Force is the only way…

  • The swamp can't stay in the swamp. So we gotta go in the swamp and turn it to a lake.

  • What is good for the goose….is NOT good for the gander. F the rich

  • Left and right wing same bird! USE Klingon disruptor! Buy AMC🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Populist getting stringer and stronger!

  • BUY AMC! Shooting for $50 and more! Save our countries theaters! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • All them crooks have stock in big energy

  • The path you must take before you are ruined by Diversity, Immigration, Tech censorship, Lockdowns, Vaxxination, Racial Equality, Atheism, Eugenics et al supported by Big Bucks Capitalists…

  • The host looks scary 😳

  • Both dems and repubs are evil – Vaccine dangers : warning this is not a vaccine it is an experimental virus genome production procedure. The danger comes from the fact that in many cases the RNA can turn into DNA in phenomenon called REVERSE- TRANSCRIPTASE. You become them a GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM. only Dr evil Fauci knows how far the modification of your DNA can go. This sounds more like GOG & Magog creation in the making. Beware!

  • This is the failed system of capitalism, from big bank bailouts to insider trading to a minimum wage that is way below the poverty line. Capitalism is a fraud period !

  • God bless the republic.

    These godless people will bring us together under god and our fellow patriots. The war of hearts and minds is reaching its peak.

  • TRUMP won legally

  • I want to know why Trump did not use the military to remove Hide and Creep Biden and Harris??????

  • People are starting to wake up to the left , about time don't you think

  • She needs a better mic and better lighting!

  • I always wonder if Michelle understands when she was supporting boy George bush she was supporting the deep state satanists that did the inside job of 9-11. Wonder if she understands the deep state runs through the Republican Party just like the rat party, I.e. Romney, Cheney, McCain, ect…….We will see b/c after Biden the deep state will back a republican to go to war.

  • Great coverage Michelle

  • lmao u could tell michelle really loved this story i can see that gleem in her eye and voice … good for her

  • Time for grey hairs to rest and more young guns👍 next gen govt reps rise up and shine

  • Take them down and drain wallstreet…love it!!!!!

  • CRIMINAL ELITE ABOVE ANY LAWS !!! where's a cop when we need one.

  • Do it again.
    I want in.

  • Michelle gotta a get a microphone made after 2001

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