NO WAY MAN / AKB48[公式]

Japanese idol group AKB48 has released their new music video "NO WAY MAN"

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NO WAY MAN / AKB48[公式]

NEW YORK / TŌKYŌ ( – Japanese idol group AKB48 has released their new music video “NO WAY MAN.”  AKB48‘s “No Way Man” serves as a goodbye song to Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako, and Honda Hitomi before they head off to IZ*ONE for 30 months

作詞 : 秋元 康 / 作曲 : 前迫 潤哉、Yasutaka.Ishio / 編曲 : APAZZI AKB48 54th Maxi Single「NO WAY MAN」表題曲。

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  • Akb48 has improved alot after joining produce48???

  • ゆきりんがダントツでセクシー

  • 圧倒的に吉田朱里の存在感強すぎる()すき

  • TEACHER TEACHER 노래방에 가면 부르는 노래
    ♥솔직히 난 이 노래가 중독적이고 뮤비 춤도 다 깔끔하더라♥

  • akb48Teacherいい曲だネ!

  • 일본은 이제서야 후크송 들어갔네… 한국에선 10년전에 시작한걸

  • I just found out about this group from a friend they're AMAZING but… I'm extremely confused like wow there is so many members

  • 3:33なんかみたことあると思ったらよだっちょに似てた 良いのぉ

  • 奈子はとてもきれいだ

  • ???

  • この曲ぜったいさえぴぃに似合うわ

  • ภาพ สวย คนร้อง-เต้นก็สวยเก่ง ทุกคน

  • this song is so catchy! I LOVE

  • For a group of women dressed rather conservatively (relative to western pop starlet standards), this is legit one of the hottest videos I've ever seen. Coquettish brilliance approaching critical mass. Also, Jurina is sultriness personified, whew.

  • ergghh… i finally watch this.. n the song is… ehh… no wonder i read a lot of criticism for this song being a kpop style attempt from them(which… even kpop songs in the recent years has been tiring me) … or maybe i've watched/listened too many of their older songs that are wayyyyy better. how in the world this already got lots of views in such short time… ehh… i hope those fans from pd48 will venture to their older songs cuz this is just…. oh well, whatever… i'm here for Jurina but i'm glad she was there too during their era of awesome stuffs so i'll take my leave from here… please bring back the quality of their songs, they deserved better. thanks.

  • Wow, this song is so catchy, i can't stop replaying ?
    I'm not a kpop fans, but i can sense a tinge of kpop here. It's good though, cause it gives more colors into akb's music

  • 豪華なメンバーが揃ってて、一日に何度も聴いてしまう?


  • ARIGATO ??❤️

  • Jurina , sayanee ❤?

  • Can somebody tell me who the girl on the left at 1:50 is?

  • Jurina… she's perfect

  • さや姉かっこよすぎて、センターの子潰しちゃってる!笑

  • AKB48に興味ないから、今さら初めて見たけど、めちゃくちゃアカリン写ってるやん!!すごい!!K-POP感がすごい曲やな!この曲をシングルで出したのすごい。アルバム曲みたい!笑

  • 2:20 who is??

  • I imagine the frontliners of this song are Harunyan Yukirin Jurina Mirurun Akarin Saeppi

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