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Nikola Sandulović´s Message To The Public To The Dangers Of Communism

A global campaigner for peace in the Cold War era

Nikola Sandulović´s Message To The Public To The Dangers Of Communism

NEW YORK ( — The most disturbing political phenomenon of our times is the vampirization of Communism. To the high-profile Serbia’s charismatic opposition leader, Nikola Sandulović, the principles of communism are in no way acceptable, not in any form. Communism [1][2] is a philosophicalsocialpolitical, and economic ideology and movement whose goal is the establishment of a communist society, namely a socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common or social ownership of all property and the absence of social classesmoney,[3][4][5] and the state.[6][7] Communism is a specific, yet distinct, form of socialism. Communists agree on the withering away of the state but disagree on the means to this end, reflecting a distinction between a more libertarian approach of communizationrevolutionary spontaneity, and workers’ self-management, and a more vanguardist or Communist party-driven approach through the development of a constitutional socialist state.[8]  Communism in Russia also means unity around a leader, a central personage with the modest title of “Tsar”. Although neither ideology nor party rules furnish a basis of monarchy, the leader has usually been strong if not monarchic. The history of Communism has been made primarily by powerful individuals. A global campaigner for peace in the Cold War era, Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, presents his timely new statement, for the first time on the Rich TVX News Network, at a difficult time for those who believed in the communist experiment, in the year both of Russian invasion of Ukraine and of President Biden’s denunciation of Putin and all his works.

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Nikola Sandulović´s Message To The Public


The 21st century will remain written in the political, economic, and military history of mankind as the greatest fraud committed by the communists since its existence in 1918. Under the guise of humiliated, defeated ideology and the conciliatory attitude of Western and American democracies in the world and their economies, Russian communism changed the way of open struggle against Western and human values and began to cunningly use the benefits of the West and their weak links such as corrupt individuals who had political levers of power and decision-making. Using the means and technology of the West, merging through their energy needs, technology and standard, Russian communism has taken a completely different form of action in the sense of falsely adapting to Western values, thus gaining additional capital and thus entering into their security, economic, political and military values and doctrines. Playing the defeated ideology, the Russian communist chameleon only took over the Western system in the fight against himself, making such a system that the West began to destroy itself from within, not seeing that it was all part of the grand plan of Russian communism.

Corrupt parts of the Western system, their governments, and individuals, consciously developed Russian intelligence, political and military doctrine aimed at undermining democratic principles, their true values under the direct control of Putin and his FSB. In this way, they gave the West a false illusion of their size and more than justified the need to end American domination and their protection. They put the EU to sleep with their good relations and thus presented American protection as completely unnecessary and expensive. The main executor of American domination in the EU was Germany – Angela Merkel, who publicly promoted Western and European values and in reality, strengthened the communist beast and its aspirations towards the EU. Under the pretext and narrative of democracy, Germany took over its domination of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Austria, and part of France, so that Putin and the FSB could actually pursue their corrupt policies in those countries.

As proof of that, we show the way of support Angela Merkel and her influence on Serbia (Aleksandar Vučić) and Vucic’s actions towards BiH (Dodik), Merkel’s influence on Hungary (Orban), Italy (Berlusconi), Austria (Kurz), France (Macron), Turkey (Erdogan), Croatia (Milanovic) and Kosovo (Thaci). In fact, through Angela Merkel and her corrupt government, RUSSIA AND VLADIMIR PUTIN RULE THE BALKANS AND EUROPE and spread the communist network, propaganda, and domination. Proof of my claims is the same behavior of Aleksandar Vučić and Milorad Dodik towards Russia even after Angela Merkel left power in Germany. Russia did the same with Donald Trump when it almost managed to introduce communism in the United States through the back door. Russia and Putin, imperceptibly and under the guise of free-thinking and true democracy, portraying Trump as the ideal solution in relations between Russia and America, actually aimed at dividing the American people into socialists (read communists) and capitalists, nationalists, and democrats, racists, and patriots.

The first step in the disintegration of the American nation and the quiet introduction into communist waters under the slogan of peace and social security for all. Fortunately, there is an intelligence community in America and all its segments that saw it in time and warned of Trump’s coming to power and complete chaos in which America would then enter and from which it would never leave. This current America would never exist again. I cited this as an example of how far Russia has let go of its communist tentacles and pretensions when it managed to enter the very top of American democracy and security. So what was Europe for the Russians in that regard? Nothing, just a demonstration exercise of their true power and organization. Today’s political, economic, and military situation in the world is actually the PEAK OF COMMUNIST HEGEMONY AND ITS COMPLETE CULMINATION.
These are historical moments and decisions in which ideologies and life principles will rule the world. This is the moment of survival or cessation of everything that was worth living for, creating and existing as a free and free-minded man, individual. I am of the opinion that the world has not yet realized the real danger, as far as communism has actually entered all ideologies and systems of government on the entire planet. The beginning of this war in Ukraine will reveal all the Russian aspirations and true intentions of the communists Tutankhamun, who have been waiting for their moment for years all over Europe and the rest of the world. Whether many like it or not, I will conclude this text with a crucial and historical sentence: THE WORLD NOW DEPENDS SOLELY ON THE DECISIONS, STRENGTH, AND POWER OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GIVE POWER TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO BRING FAST, WISE DECISIONS TO SAVE THE WORLD.”

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