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Meet The Legendary Bradley Birkenfeld!

The World's Biggest Whistleblower Who Took UBS to a New Level

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The Kubera Principle

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New York ( —

Bradley Birkenfeld, a former banker and wealth manager at UBS, was the initial international banker to expose illegal offshore accounts held by U.S. citizens in Switzerland. As a result of his disclosures of IRS tax fraud by UBS, Birkenfeld was awarded a staggering $104 million, the most significant reward ever granted to an individual in the history of federal whistleblower reward laws. His disclosures have led to extraordinary recoveries for U.S. taxpayers, including $780 million in civil fines and penalties paid by UBS bank, and over $25 billion in collections from U.S. taxpayers who had unlawfully maintained “undeclared” offshore accounts in Switzerland and other nations. In the end, the Swiss government was compelled to modify its tax treaty with the United States to release the names of over 4,900 American taxpayers who possessed illegal offshore accounts. Bradley Birkenfeld is a hero and the world’s most significant whistleblower who shook the foundations of the banking industry by exposing UBS’s illegal activities. His brave actions took the fight against tax fraud to a whole new level and resulted in unprecedented recoveries for US taxpayers.


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