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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Explores ‘Stupid Geniuses’ as Kremlin Tries to Distract

Biden administration imposes sanctions on Iran and Russia

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The Kubera Principle

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Study commissioned by Kyiv School of Economics suggests G7 must take drastic measures

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A high-ranking Iranian cleric was shot by a security guard at a bank, raising concerns about similar incidents occurring in Russia. The current regime in Russia is seen as immoral and focused on grabbing power, potentially leading to similar violence. The Biden administration has imposed sanctions against Iran and Russia for their illegal detention of American citizens, but Russia is expected to be able to finance its military spending for another year despite the sanctions. Leaked documents reveal that the Finance Minister of Russia has requested support to avoid potential bank collapse. A study commissioned by the Kyiv School of Economics suggests that Russia will likely continue selling oil above the price ceiling set by the G7 countries, with weak enforcement of the cap. The study recommends that the G7 take drastic measures to lower the price ceiling and impose stricter control to ensure compliance. The Kremlin is trying to distract attention from Vladimir Putin’s poor health by highlighting his schedule, but in reality, he only had brief phone conversations and spent most of his time resting and taking medicine for health issues, including convulsions. According to local media reports, Serbia´s dictator Aleksandar Vučić, has been hospitalized on an urgent basis. Although no official statements have been made, it is believed that his hospitalization is related to the sanction-refusing virus. Well, well, well, looks like this murderous virus has a thing for tyrants who just can’t get enough of those Russians. Watch out, Milorad Dodik, if you’re not careful, you might just catch a case of the “sanction-refusing virus” yourself!

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Vladimir Putin’s condition has caused concern and led to the cancellation of upcoming events, including the Victory Day parade. Despite using a double for public appearances, it’s unclear when he will resume his duties. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron are working on a “peace plan” for the conflict in Ukraine, which involves negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. The plan aims to provide long-term security guarantees for Ukraine and deter Russia from future aggression. However, the Kremlin has already set its minimum demands, including control over certain areas, and Ukrainian officials are preparing their own version of the plan, with the goal of the “borders of 1991”. The article by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, titled ‘Is it smart to be a ‘stupid genius’ like Elon Musk?‘, featured in Fortune, comes highly recommended. The article discusses the challenges faced by some “stupid geniuses” like Elon Musk, who may be brilliant in certain limited domains but inept or emotionally immature in others. Sonnenfeld cites examples of other famous figures with similar eccentricities, such as Mozart, Einstein, and Steve Jobs, and examines the question of whether these quirks are essential to their brilliance or merely sabotaging factors. Sonnenfeld urges individuals to find their own balance on the spectrum of appropriate conduct as a creative force, taking into account factors such as the necessity of their behavior and its impact on others.



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