I just spoke to Trump | Dick Morris

IMPEACHMENT: After reportedly denying an opportunity to testify on his own behalf, and since he is still being effectively silenced on social media, how is former president Trump handling and reacting the impeachment proceedings? Longtime political advisor Dick Morris, a confidant of The Donald, just spoke with the former president and shares with Newsmax TV what he heard. – via American Agenda with Heather Childers and Bob Sellers, weekdays at 2PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • According to the constitution, impeachment is to remove a sitting president. I can only figure that the majority of congress believe that Trump is the president and Biden is an imposter.

  • Bob seller's is a sell out. He needs to go!

  • Looking at bob sellers i see he’s not crying to the producers and definitely wearing in his high chair his seat belt? RIGHT!!
    All you see in his seat is a old slime dummy. Just saying!


  • Bob Sellout

  • Bob’s gotta go…

  • Impeach Pelosi and Schumer

  • This male anchor bob(little "b") is a hack! What a joke!

  • Every minute Bob Sellers is on your network… I am promoting others to unsubscribe.

  • By the way, Trump is on social media, it calls Gab+

  • All congressmen and senators voting for this impeachment and trial need to be arrested and tried for treason period. These corrupt liars must be held accountable. We the people must at minimum have them removed during the next election.

  • These 2 anti trumpers. Boycott Newsmax

  • The Lying Liar's that Lie, (The Demo RATS, obviously) said DAY 1 they'd be going to work FOR The American people, and getting right to work on getting this Covid Relief Bill passed. Once again, they PROVE via their Actions, or lack thereof, that they Are LIAR'S, who care Nothing for the American people, and Only for furthering their Extremist Agenda's, starting with this SHAM, SCAM of an Impeachment!

    How Stupid can people be to keep voting these inept, ineffective, people into office who's ONLY agenda apparently, is to RUIN AMERICA! I think Beijing Biden should have a book coming out soon titled, "How to RUIN America, in 30 Day's or Less!"

  • Trump ❤️

  • Omgoodness ❤️ our President! Stay strong President Trump!

  • RIP Officer Brian Sicknick, killed in the line of duty by a Trump mob 🙏

  • In 2024, there won’t be a country left, to fight for! Biden already ruined it. A shot for an artificial virus, there is none.

  • This is just a complete joke. The government biden is running is so sad for the American people. Biden and impeachment is a joke.

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