How's that unity coming, Joe? | Greg Kelly

Unity-now Joe Biden is fumbling on that promise, Greg says, while most of the media gives him a pass and continues their anti-conservative crusade. – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Joe Biden is the biggest liar going for a president I'll pathetic is that you have a lying president

  • Democrats stole the election and China owns the Biden family 🇨🇳

  • I urge Newsmax to ALWAYS play the clips they lie about, like Dorsey talking about kicking you off air only for them to lie later about a conversation they HAD ON TV!

  • Maybe Biden’s definition of “unity” is different than most people’s?

  • Anyone that voted for china Joe, enjoy the next four years🤣🤣🤣


  • Life is a challenge.

  • Biden says he wants to unite and to heal. Actually, he means he wants us all to conform and come to heel. Screw unity. Time for civil war. The Dems have pushed us all way too far. We will NEVER concede, we will NEVER forgive, and we will NEVER forget.

  • come on people. you voted in a corpse.

  • I work in a grocery store the number one place to get the flu, I've been working steady since last year and I haven't gotten it yet. Can Bribem tell me why I haven't gotten it yet ?

  • Get em Greg!

  • Incredible the devious collusion going on with Dems & Big Tech & fake News all fanning the fires of HATE… and DIVIDING Americans. Question is: Who benefits from this HATE & DIVISION… and why are they doing it ??!

  • Is that guy for real? Trump did win. Why doesn’t he have a mask on.? Barr is of no use.

  • Biden is a fraud. He's actually not anyone's president because he legally and legitimately did not win the election. He lost miserably and was forced to cheat. He's a liar and a treasonous phony. So no he's literally not my president. President Trump won by a landslide! We all saw it. Then in the middle of the night the cheating began. He's been a liar and a racist for 47 plus years. I've never seen a president in my lifetime do such harm to a country's people in his first week in "office". How will we as conservatives ever trust in the election process again? How will we ever be able to elect another conservative? Another Trump? We just saw them steal this election! And we did nothing. I'd imagine the system is now rigged in their favor for life now? So why vote? What's the point if our votes don't actually count? But dead people and illegal votes and votes missing matched signatures etc, those ALL count, huh? I fear the Republic has fallen. It's our fault. The people who wanted these crooks and phonies in office, thanks for voting for liars and frauds. Now the entire country and in ways the world, have to pay for your stupidity.

  • Good bye Sephora!!

  • JoeBAMA’s presidential #MALA—->MakingAmericansLosersAgain

  • You are my favorite reporter😊

  • The old gray lady, who would thunk it, went RED.

  • Idiots like you are stopping the unity.

  • Greg, you keep us going. We've got some battles going on out here in the field still that will keep us going. Thank God for some of the REAL senators that aren't afraid to pull for the truth.

  • If you have a foot fetish, do you get a flag?

  • Pinocchio Joe before the election spent days in his cellar and now he will spend the rest of his presidency holed up in the White House with 1000's of troops protecting him. A stupid person might think that all those people working on the pipeline and building the wall were Republican. wake up Joe. Keep it up and 90% of the country will be against you and don't forget that those military people belong to political parties.

  • Does Nick take drugs?

  • He's a bullshitter artist!

  • The riots on 1/6/21 was from the left and was planned 2 days earlier I like ya Greg but please get the facts straight please !

  • Let's turn the rainbow flag into a positive thing it is a sign of Gods covenant with the world saying He will not destroy the world with a flood because He loves the world. It is God's symbol to the world.

  • Unity or uniformity?

  • People in there won’t be there soon what you gone steal twice 😂 we got more votes now than ever and there making it easier for us because people who voted them in are regretting it they see how nasty 🤮 the country took a turn let them they shall fall fast 😂 nobody needs to do it there doing it on there own 😂 stupid crooks will do stupid things Biden’s teams there straight stupid 😂

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