Germany, Hungary, Slovakia administer first COVID-19 vaccines in EU

Health officials from around the world have recieved their first shipments of coronavirus vaccines and are preparing to dish out doses to residents. One America’s Jacob Miller has more.

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  • Can I sue you for damages or death after you forcing it on people? NO, hmmm

  • The day will come that if you dont take it you will not be allowed to travel or admittance to any buildings, schools or restaurant's. Just watch.

  • Vaccine is the mark of the beast and it is maiming people left and right. We can't take it!!!!

  • Christ Jesus come quickly!!!!

  • Deep state don’t like this ::: it’s not part of their NWO plan
    They will cause distractions and get their msm to up the propaganda

  • Violators of the constitution will mysteriously begin to disapear one by one,,, one by one,,, one by one,,,

  • Google is telling me that your Network webpage is "forbidden" and i can't find it anywhere

  • Scary 😨😨

  • You are no longer able to be viewed online OAN, a very sad day. I am sorry the big tech giants have censored you.

  • Rest In Peace vaxers

  • You Trump supporters should be so proud. By Trump waiting to sign the bill, that his administration worked on and agreed to, millions of people will now miss a week or more of payments. What a POS!

  • Doctors & Nurses came out in mass .in my Area. Almost leaving Hospitals un staffed. .in Protest Against having to Vaccinate..& WON…Vaccinate ..only by choice.

  • Do I hear anyone thanking President Donald Trump?.??

  • Manufactured consent!!! These idiots are trying to turn mankind into a homogeneous blob. Like salt in a recipe, you won’t be able to tell where you leave off and the next guy starts. Individuals, bah humbug!!!!

  • Oh precious Saint Vaccine spare me from this hour. Wake up idiots. Your taking an aborted Fetuses dna and what ever Cocktail they put together. Get the Lord People. Get the Holy Spirit. While u have Time

  • The same type of Vaxx tech was used on Gulf War Troops….11,000 died, 100,000 disabled. Dr Francis Boyle wrote books about it.

  • Amazing what corrupt people do when they sold their souls to the cult to gain promised power outright lies and mass murder.
    After all the dark side ever only makes promises they never keep rather push you in the abyss when one wants to claim on the promise to i.e., more power.
    This COVID-19 scam is so elaborate, and people still go for the scam out of fear. Let go of your fear ppl please.
    There is no isolated virus [admitted by the CDC 07/2020] and the poisonous cocktail called vaccine [any for that matter] is doing but one thing
    injuring one’s body and manipulating one’s DNA. All for control of the masses.
    Do not submit to any of the cult behaviours i.e., mask wearing, social distancing, kneeling [look up rituals and their expressions]
    Do not take this poisonous injection PPL please.
    No consent from me.
    Blessings to all.


  • What is wrong with people?!? There’s a .09 survival rate. Your more likely to die of the vaccine than die of the virus. Omg!

  • You ain't gonna vaccinate this elderly man!!!

  • See America ,other countries are not afraid, but keep hating Trump, that's all you a. Holes are good for

  • My body My choice

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