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Washington's views finally shifted and the establishment came to dismiss the new German leaders

Germany Continues The Suicidal Kremlin-Shaped Policies

Why Germany refuses weapons deliveries to Ukraine

Germany Continues The Suicidal Kremlin-Shaped Policies

NEW YORK ( — The Germans demonstrated that they are masters of duplicity in the current Ukraine-Russia crisis. According to a CIA memo, Washington’s views finally shifted and the establishment came to dismiss the new German leaders as “those mad people in control in Germany.” Washington grew increasingly certain that the United States must prepare for an inevitable showdown with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin over Ukraine. President Biden ordered 8,500 US troops to prepare to deploy to Eastern Europe to fend off Russia: The United States could send up to 50,000 soldiers to NATO allies over Ukraine invasion fears. NATO said Monday it is bolstering its “deterrence” in the Baltic Sea region. Denmark is sending a frigate and deploying F-16 warplanes to Lithuania; Spain is sending four fighter jets to Bulgaria and three ships to the Black Sea to join NATO naval forces; and France stands ready to send troops to Romania. The Netherlands also plans to send two F-35 fighter aircraft to Bulgaria. NATO members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania said they plan to send U.S.-made anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, a move endorsed by Washington. Wait, what happened with Germany? This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is about how Germans credibility is eroding before our eyes. Questions over Germany’s commitment to its NATO allies were fueled by the head of Germany’s Navy urging “respect” for Putin. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reaffirmed that the top navy official´s comments were at odds with the government’s position. Neo Communist organizing seemed to be gaining strength in Germany, and the developments added to suspicions that Germany is disinclined to take a hard line on Russia because of historical and economic ties.

Annalena Baerbock The “Iron Lady” Of German Politics

Germany has issued no similar order, with Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, the “Iron Lady” of German politics, a controversial figure, stressing that “we must not contribute to unsettling the situation further.” But the story grew even stranger when Annalena Baerbock earlier surfaced in Moscow, denouncing America’s Ukraine rearmament policy and demanding Moscow to take urgent “steps towards de-escalation”. Annalena Baerbock sought to calm a diplomatic storm with Ukraine, offering economic aid to the war-threatened country and reiterating Berlin’s strong support, after the head of the German navy played down the threat of the ca. 150,000 Russian troops massed along the Ukrainian border, suggesting the West should show some “respect” to Putin. Germany’s top navy official has resigned in the wake of a scandal in which he faced accusations of being too pro-Moscow. While the United States is watching Russian troop movements and war games in Belarus, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz leads a lonely life. Olaf Scholz, and all the rest of the big boys in Germany demonstrated equal disdain for the NATO efforts and his lack of cooperation proved particularly damaging to the whole operation. Outrageous rumours that suggested—falsely—that Olaf Scholz was a Russian agent. Despite his controversial ties to Russia, Olaf Scholz had also managed to keep a foot, putting himself forward as one of the German’s leading wise men on foreign affairs. “Utopian action”—was actually “realistic, sound, common sense,” but in contrast, “practical actions are now the actions of madmen and idiots.” As said, the German government was quick to distance itself from its navy chief, who resigned later. But the damage was done: Ukraine’s foreign minister publicly scolded Germany, saying that it “must stop such words and actions [which] undermine unity and encourage Putin to a new attack on Ukraine.”

The Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing and protracted conflict that started in February 2014, primarily involving Russia and pro-Russian forces on one hand, and Ukraine on the other, supported by NATO and the European Union. The war has centered on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas, which are largely internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. Following the Euromaidan protests and the 22 February subsequent removal of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and amidst pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine, Russian soldiers without insignias took control of strategic positions and infrastructure within the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. On 1 March 2014, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation unanimously adopted a resolution to petition Russian President Vladimir Putin to use military force in Ukraine. The resolution was adopted several days later, after the start of the Russian military operation on the “Returning of Crimea”. Russia then annexed Crimea after a widely criticized local referendum which was organized by Russia after the capturing of the Crimean Parliament in which the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation. In April, demonstrations by pro-Russian groups in the Donbas area of Ukraine escalated into a war between the Ukrainian government and the Russian-backed separatist forces of the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. In August, Russian military vehicles crossed the border in several locations of Donetsk Oblast. The incursion by the Russian military was seen as responsible for the defeat of Ukrainian forces in early September.In November 2014, the Ukrainian military reported intensive movement of troops and equipments from Russia into the separatist-controlled parts of the eastern Ukraine. The Associated Press reported 40 unmarked military vehicles on the move in rebel-controlled areas. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission observed convoys of heavy weapons and tanks in DPR-controlled territory without insignia. OSCE monitors further stated they observed vehicles transporting ammunition and soldiers’ dead bodies crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border under the guise of humanitarian aid convoys. As of early August 2015, OSCE observed over 21 such vehicles marked with the Russian military code for soldiers killed in action. According to The Moscow Times, Russia has tried to intimidate and silence human rights workers discussing Russian soldiers’ deaths in the conflict. OSCE has time and again reported that its observers were denied access to the areas controlled by “combined Russian-separatist forces”.The majority of members of the international community and organizations such as Amnesty International have condemned Russia for its actions in post-revolutionary Ukraine, accusing it of breaking international law and violating Ukrainian sovereignty. Many countries implemented economic sanctions against Russia, Russian individuals or companies.In October 2015, The Washington Post reported that Russia has redeployed some of its elite units from Ukraine to Syria to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In December 2015, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin admitted that Russian military intelligence officers were operating in Ukraine, insisting though that they were not the same as regular troops. As of February 2019, 7% of Ukraine’s territory is classified by the Ukrainian government as temporarily occupied territories.

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