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No, The Russian Oligarchs Will Not Overthrow Vladimir Putin

The Rich TVX News Network battling Serbian pro—Russian trolls

No, The Russian Oligarchs Will Not Overthrow Vladimir Putin

NEW YORK ( — What is an Serbian pro—Russian troll? Well, a Serbian pro—Russian troll is one who holds his bauble for his Russian God Vladimir Putin, and who tells a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Not in many centuries has mankind faced such uncertainty as one posed by the invasion of Ukraine by the criminal Putin regime. One would have to assume that all humans have hearts and minds. Well, not all humans. Serbian pro—Russian trolls are human beings who possess the tripartite nature of men—body, soul, and spirit, but who are the subject of an infirmity consisting, anatomically, of a defective organisation and want of development of the brain, resulting in an inability, more or less complete, for the exercise of the intellectual, moral, and sensitive faculties. As Albert Einstein once said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.” But what is much more widespread than the actual stupidity are Serbian pro—Russian trolls. Grab your buddies and team up against the endless Serbian pro—Russian demon horde and you’ll be in heaven by only translating and then reading their stupid comments online. Gerhard Schroeder, a former chancellor of Germany and Putin developed a friendship, with Schroeder calling Putin a “flawless democrat.” Ha, ha, ha! Good joke, wasn’t it?

How Putin Became Victim Of His Own Lies
How Putin Became Victim Of His Own Lies

The Infinite Stupidity Of The Serbian Pro—Russian Trolls

You want an endless stream of Serbian—Russian web brigade jokes? You got ’em. The Serbian—Russian web brigades are state—sponsored anonymous Internet political commentators and trolls linked to the Government of Serbia and the Kremlin. Serbian internet trolls based in an old warehouse in Belgrade are targeting American news outlets online and spreading support for Vladimir Putin. As we read a tweet of a Serbian pro—Russian troll on Twitter, everyone in the room started to burst out laughing. Why are we laughing? Well, Serbian internet trolls claim that there are some evil families out there who rule the world and Vladimir Putin rebelled against these families. This is extremely funny. We are really sorry for laughing but this is way too much craziness. We know better – these are all normal families, and certainly not the monsters that the Kremlin is always trying to portray and blame them for all the sins in the world. Nevertheless, that alone shows you how widespread the lies and the Kremlin propaganda have penetrated all spheres of the society. Try to confront the Serbian pro—Russian trolls online, and watch them get stuck due to their own stupidity. There are a good number of people in the Kremlin who have become good joke tellers through practice. We have to ask: Why is Putin fighting so hard to keep Russian people from hearing the truth about what’s going on in Ukraine? The answer is obvious. We want to use this Rich TVX News Network bulletin and reply for the last time to Serbian pro—Russian trolls, as if we were talking to little stupid children, hoping that we would be understood. Let’s get that straight.

Putin Propaganda Escalates
Putin Propaganda Escalates

So Let’s Go Through The Eternal Lies Of The Kremlin

Putin`s Propaganda Machine
Putin`s Propaganda Machine

— Vladimir Putin: A Miracle Defender Of Christianity

Sure! Certainly the Russian robot in the Kremlin represents the love of God. The numerous atrocities by Russian forces occupying Ukraine are abhorrent, unlawful, and cruel, and have already let the victims of Putin’s war in particular experience Putin´s love first-hand. Answer: Vladimir Putin does not give a damn about Christianity at all. Putin is an old school KGB. Putin reinvented himself as a church visitor as part of the propaganda.

— Vladimir Putin Is The Protector Of All Slavic And The Serbian People

Ha, ha, ha! Good joke, isn’t it! Why don’t you laugh? Answer: Well, if Putin cares about the Serbs so touchingly, why hasn’t he lifted a finger for Serbia in 23 years, when it comes to Kosovo? The Russians murdered Russians in Ukraine. So much about the protector of all Slavic people.

— Vladimir Putin Is The Opponent Of The NWO Cabal

Are you going to offer any evidence in this? Answer: Spiritual rebirth and the old self dying became an obsession in the Kremlin among the Siloviki. The Siloviki are engaging in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell relationships. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. Putin is a puppet of the NWO Cabal, and a puppet does what you tell it to do. Putin will never rebel against his masters.

— Expert Predictions: The Oligarchs Will Overthrow Putin

Quite a sell, wasn’t it?—the Russian oligarchs, we mean. Answer: Putin eats Russian oligarchs for breakfast. If you believe that the criminal, depraved, rotting from within, pathetic Russian oligarchs will overthrow Vladimir Putin, then we really have to worry about you.

— The War In Ukraine Will Not Last Very Long

Answer: Wrong again, the war will last a very long time — ten to twenty years. The Russian oligarchs will not overthrow Vladimir Putin. Putin will remain in power for a very long time.

—  Putin Will Use Nuclear Weapons

Answer: BINGO! Finally, a solid lead! But do you also know what is going to happen to Putin and his fascist criminal Mafia regime then?