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Fortune Article

The Rich TVX News Network strongly recommends the Fortune article titled “These CEOs are rising to the occasion–and condemning the brutal Hamas attack on Israel. The rest of civil society is MIA.” This article is authored by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who holds the position of Lester Crown Professor in Management Practice and serves as the Senior Associate Dean at Yale School of Management. He has received the accolade of “Management Professor of the Year” from Poets & Quants magazine. The co-author, Steven Tian, currently holds the role of director of research at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute and has prior experience as a quantitative investment analyst with the Rockefeller Family Office.

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Fortune Article

Unequivocal Condemnation

The Fortune article by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian examines the mistaken belief that CEOs are the predominant voices within civil society. It also delves into the criticism they have received for their apparent silence following the Hamas attack on Israel. The article recognizes the absence of engagement from other essential elements of civil society and commends particular business leaders for their condemnation of Hamas. Furthermore, it disapproves of the misleading media coverage and underscores the significance of businesses taking a principled stance. The authors also scrutinize the reactions of human rights organizations and higher education institutions in response to the situation. In conclusion, the article applauds business leaders for their unequivocal condemnation of Hamas’s actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the response of major business leaders to the Hamas attack on Israel?

Many business leaders, such as the CEOs of JPMorgan, Microsoft, Google, Mastercard, NVIDIA, Citi, Paul Weiss, Deloitte, Starbucks, UPS, and Walmart, condemned the Hamas attack and expressed moral clarity and support for Israel.

How did human rights organizations respond to the situation?

Some human rights organizations offered ambivalent or evasive statements, with one example being Amnesty International, which accused Israel of “war crimes” in its initial statement about Hamas crimes.

Did higher education institutions have a consistent response to the Hamas attack?

Higher education institutions had varying responses, with some initially being ambivalent but others, like Wesleyan’s Michael Roth, quickly condemning Hamas’s actions.

Why are business leaders taking a strong stance on this issue?

Business leaders are increasingly expected to address controversial public matters, and taking a moral stance is not antithetical to doing well in business. They are responding to the clear issues involved and showing moral courage.

How many multinational companies condemned Hamas’s terrorism and supported Israel?

More than 80 household-name multinational companies issued statements strongly condemning Hamas’s terrorism and expressing support for Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.

What is the significance of the response from business leaders in contrast to the rest of civil society?

The response of business leaders is seen as uniquely strong, showing moral clarity and social conscience in condemning Hamas’s atrocities against Israeli civilians, especially when other parts of civil society have been relatively silent or ambivalent.


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