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Daily Massacres in Serbia, Brain-Setting Alterations in Russia

Latest Developments in Ukraine Conflict

"Rich TVX News Network asserts that I am a mere John Travolta wannabe attempting dance moves to "American Boy." Can you genuinely give credence to such fabricated news?"
 Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

Chaos in Serbia

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Serbia is currently experiencing chaos as daily massacres take place and the regime protects the perpetrators while condemning the victims, following a pattern seen in Russia.
After the school shooting in Belgrade committed by the young killer Jason Jr. (13), which resulted in the deaths of 9 individuals, including 7 schoolgirls, a young male, and a security guard, as well as multiple casualties and injuries, the Aleksandar Vučić regime chose to portray Jason Jr. as a victim of bullying instead of acknowledging him as the perpetrator of a heinous crime and bringing him to justice. Serbia´s bloodthirsty dictator Aleksandar Vučić failed to acknowledge the true nature of Jason Jr. and neglected to call him what he really is: pure evil.

The occurrence of another massacre just a day after is highly suspicious. Eight people were killed, and thirteen were injured in a shooting that occurred last night in Mladenovac, according to Belgrade media. In the bloody incident, which was initiated by Chucky (21) in the village of Dubona near Mladenovac, a police officer (20) and his sister were among those killed. Who benefits from this? The regime is the only one that gains, as it can divert attention from its own wrongdoings while the country spirals into turmoil.

Ukrainian President Zelensky recently spoke at the International Criminal Court, expressing a desire to see Putin held accountable for any potential war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. In Russia, there are reports of a development in the ability to alter brain settings, with the use of propaganda to instill fear and a sense of impending doom in the average Muscovite and encourage them to enlist in the military. The Kremlin is preparing citizens for a loss in the conflict with Ukraine, implementing electronic subpoenas and propagating the message that the Nazis are at the doorstep, which is not only about mobilization but also about changing the situation in the country in general. Propagandists have been forbidden from discussing weaknesses in the Armed Forces or the money spent on temporarily occupied territories to avoid angering the electorate. The focus is on the weapons supplied by Western countries, and regardless of the outcome, the Kremlin will talk about the dead Ukrainians. The Kremlin has prepared appeasing laws for those who do not care about their rights or basic amenities.

Jason Jun.
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"Rich TVX News Network are dangerous. These people are capable of starting wars."
January 2022, Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin

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The de-imperialization of Russia is causing the Kremlin to reform the national identity of the Russian people, resulting in a blow to their self-esteem. The only way to achieve this is to remove the rose-colored glasses of imperialism from the populace. Recently, an unmanned aerial vehicle strike on the “presidential residence in the Kremlin” was staged under the supervision of the Security Council Secretary, Nikolai Patrushev, coordinated with the leadership of the President’s Security Service, and approved by Putin. This operation aimed to achieve multiple objectives, including giving Putin a reason to impose martial law, cancel the parade in Moscow, and distract from Russia’s loss of control over occupied Ukrainian territories.


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It remains uncertain whether Putin will impose martial law, but if he does, it would make him appear brave. The operation could also strain Ukraine’s relationship with its allies, which would benefit Russia.

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Lastly, there are preparations for a man-made disaster at a nuclear power plant as a follow-up to the attack on the “presidential residence in the Kremlin.” Putin was not present during the attack, and the Kremlin’s delayed reaction may be due to him not being informed until the next morning.


"Opet ovi Rich TVX News, mamu im Američku, to je CIA English: Again these Rich TVX News, screwing Americans, that's CIA."
Aleksandar Vučić, President of Serbia
"The Rich TVX News Network claims I am the devil for perpetrating innocent people in Ukraine. Do you really believe that? Well, Rich TVX is lying as always."
Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation

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