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Bunker hunters in the Kremlin face grim reality as 2023 looms

New oil product embargo to hit Russia even harder than previous sanctions

Bunker hunters in the Kremlin face grim reality as 2023 looms

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — We’ve got breaking news: According to a source, the Duma plans to consider a draft for the termination of Council of Europe treaties in Russia during February. Russia’s budget cannot sustain a war and the real sanctions have only just begun. The bunker hunters are faring even worse than they expected and none of them can imagine how 2023 will end. Putin’s treasury reported that the budget deficit for 2022 amounted to $48 billion. The bunker had expected no more than $19 billion. There are two reasons for this: the “non-war” which drove costs up by a third, and sanctions that have had little effect. In 11 months, the Russians boasted that the revenues exceeded the expenses of the treasury by $8 billion, but in December they were unable to maintain this optimism. There are several reasons for this: Europe has finally introduced an oil embargo and the collective West has imposed a price ceiling on Russian oil. As a result, the average price fell almost in half to $47 per barrel. From February 5th, a new stage of shock therapy will begin for Russia as an embargo on oil products will take effect, having an even more painful impact than the oil ban. Today, Russia’s “oil” losses alone are expected to be $102 billion for 2023, a quarter of the entire budget of the Russian Federation. One might think this is what a crisis looks like, but it will turn out that this is only an optimistic forecast. After Putin’s treasurers finally calculate the hole in the federal budget, they will see the “live” losses on the energy markets.


The Putin-Shoigu military reform implies not only an increase in army and weapons costs, but also a willingness to put even more Russian men under arms. It represents a transformation of Russia into a large field camp with an army ready for aggression at any moment and in any direction. In 2022, the courage of the Ukrainian people revealed the true abilities of Putin’s military leaders. However, it would be premature to underestimate the plans of Putin-Shoigu as the Kremlin is willing to go to great lengths to achieve their illusory and artificial goals, even if it means fighting the entire world. Putin’s ally, Lavrov, has suggested that the quick change in Finland’s position towards Russia suggests that the neighboring country has always been an enemy. This implies that enemies are everywhere and therefore it is possible to potentially fight anyone. In this situation, the world community should take action by implementing increasingly stringent sanctions and ensuring their strict observance to reduce the possibility of replenishing Putin’s treasury. Unfortunately, not the entire world understands that every barrel of oil bought from Putin represents a new rocket that can hit Ukrainian cities today and any country that falls out of favor with the commander in chief tomorrow.

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