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AT&T Paid MILLIONS To Help Launch Right Wing Propaganda Network

Newly-revealed court documents have given us a clear picture of how the right wing propaganda network called One America News (OAN) came to be. Apparently AT&T was looking for more conservative programming for DirecTV, so they spent millions of dollars getting OAN off the ground to compete with, what the telecom company claimed, multiple left-wing outlets. This is just more proof that conservative propaganda is a big business, and Farron Cousins explains why that is so dangerous.

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Recently released court documents have basically come to explain how the one American news network, which is the right wing propaganda network that is less credible than even Newsmax, how they came to be. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve always wondered, like, how do all of these little, you know, right-wing outlets, these right-wing personalities, they just pop up all the time. You know, I’ve been doing this for over 17 years. Now. We have seen them come and go constantly, but there is always a steady flow keeping these channels out there. And we’ve now learned through these court documents that at and T was the one who gave them money to essentially launch the one America news network. 90% of that network’s funding today comes from their deals with direct TV to be distributed on that satellite network. That for the record is still hemorrhaging users, but they’re the ones paying the money to keep the one America propaganda network in business.

And they’re the ones who put the money up and back in 2013 gave millions of dollars for this thing to get started. And here’s what the court documents tell us a T and T approached, excuse me, one America. And they said, listen, here on direct TV, which at and T owns, uh, we’ve got seven, seven liberal networks. Let just one right wing outlet, which is Fox news. And we need more right network. So here’s money. Put your stuff together. We’re going to carry you on DirecTV. And then of course those carrier contracts going to help keep you operating over the years. And according to the accountant at one America news network in these court documents, the accountant says without that direct TV contract, the network would have $0, nothing, none at and T via direct TV, which they own is keeping that propaganda network alive and also want to call BS on another thing in these court documents at and T says you had seven, seven liberal networks.

What are they? MSNBC free speech TV, which I don’t even know that I’d really count MSNBC. That cause that’s still a corporate it’s network. Free speech. TV is not free. Speech TV is wonderful by the way, but that’s that’s to, you said you had seven. Hm where’s the disconnect? What are these other five? Are you trying to claim CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and what PBS? Maybe. No, that’s not how that works. Those are absolutely not left leaning networks. Not to mention you said you only had one that was Fox news. Now you also had Fox business and you have pretty much half of CNN. This is despicable. A T and T is propping up pure right wing BS, propaganda every day, every day. And the network admitted in these court documents without this corporate funding, they’d be dead. They’d be dead. One American news would not exist without these at T and T contracts. So just want everybody to know if you still have DirecTV, those monthly fees you’re paying every month. Part of that, whether you watch it or not is going to prop up right wing propaganda.