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The tennis player’s father compared his son to Jesus Christ during the ordeal.

Arrogant Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Attacks The Civilized World

The appalling hypocrisy of Aleksandar Vučić

Arrogant Serb Dictator Aleksandar Vučić Attacks The Civilized World

NEW YORK ( — The world No 1’s visa saga has overshadowed the build-up to the Australian Open. The Serbian tennis player lost his late appeal to stay in Australia and has left the country. The un-jabbed Serb said in a statement he was ‘extremely disappointed’ with the Court’s ruling. The tennis player’s father compared his son to Jesus Christ during the ordeal. Well, then the tennis player’s father should also say that his son was betrayed like Jesus Christ. Amidst the horrors of criminal Vučić cartel, the crimes of the Serb tyrant continue to occupy a unique place. The Serbian obstinate, arrogant dictator Aleksandar Vučić, who has described the attempts by Australian immigration authorities to revoke tennis player’s visa as a “witch hunt”, castigated officials for their treatment of the tennis player. “[Against] him, they wanted to show how the world order works and how they can [act] against everyone. With [this decision], they humiliated not him, but themselves,” he said in reaction to the verdict. “I spoke to him and told him we cannot wait to see him,” Vučić added. “I told him he is always welcome in Serbia.” This statement alone shows how the brain of the Serbian dictator is befuddled. Of course he is always welcome, the tennis player is also a citizen of Serbia. If it weren’t so sad, you’d have to laugh out loud. Aleksandar Vučić loves evil more than good, and lies more than honesty. No other dictator name (beside his kiss-ass partner Milorad Dodik) has earned such opprobrium or come to typify the depths to which a humen being can sink.

Virulent Hatred Of America, Australia And The West

Aleksandar Vučić himself is expert at orchestrating his public clemency to coincide with the daily TV appearances in Serbia in which a frustrated Vučić launched into a speech about Australia. In his ego-driven Draconian effort Aleksandar Vučić accused the lawyers representing Australia’s government of not telling the truth. In particular, he took issue with the way Serbia’s coronavirus vaccination rates were presented in court, but Vučić`s virulent hatred of America, Australia and the West, and his arrogant – pathetic kowtowing is flushing away any serious regard for Australia´s national health security. Australia is founded on the rule of law and has a strong tradition of respect for the rights and freedoms of every individual. Well, the rule of law and respect for the rights and freedoms of every individual is not a speciality of the Serbian dictator. Aleksandar Vučić looked bewildered. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is a chronicle of the most evil character and wicked crimes of the Vučić regime, as the appalling conditions of Serbian orphanages were never mentioned by Aleksandar Vučić. How is it possible that with all the dictator’s money, he never does anything for Serbia´s children and orphanages. Serbian orphanages are malnourished, badly cared for and living in terrible conditions. Why doesn’t the dictator help the Serbian orphanages, so that they can have a decent life? Answer: Because he is a heartless man.

Milorad Dodik And Aleksandar Vučić Sold Out The Serbian Tennis Joker

Aleksandar Vučić Hides Behind Sarcasm And Self Righteous Snark

Whilst adhering to some democratic forms, Vučić established a rigid dictatorship in Serbia which ruthlessly stamped out real opposition. Has Aleksandar Vučić greatly reduced his use of controlling behaviors, such as sarcasm, rolling his eyes, loud disgusted sighs, using the voice of ultimate authority, and other demonstrations of disrespect or superiority during his statement on Serbian TV? It would be like saying, “As islands go, Australia is pretty big.” True enough, but woefully insufficient. Talk is cheap. It is easier to say you will do something than to actually do it. Our question to the butcher of Belgrade: Since when did fake defending of the tennis player from the evil of immigration authorities (Australia, in case you forgot) make you a member of the “World Order”? We bet you also think that any good decision made by the Immigration Minister (i.e. Alex Hawke) is inherently bad. Well, we are sorry to take the padding away from your cell, but you are wrong. This must have been tyrant’s train of reasoning. The sparrows whistle it off the roofs in Serbia that he was awarded for betraying his tennis god; the Rich TVX News Network can already tell you that the exact amount is obviously derived from the contract the tyrant has signed with the mining group from Australia. Yet it is hard to think that such a one as this Serbian dictator could sell his tennis player for gain. This could not have been the psychological cause for his action; rather was it the desperation which Vučić endured because of his knowledge of the real owner of Australia, and the mining group. The Serb dictator is infamous throughout the world for his corruption, carnality and viciousness. The Joker will be banned from Australia for three years his visa cancellation was upheld, the federal government has confirmed.

The Virtues Covered Up All The Defects

A panel of three judges unanimously reject tennis player’s legal argument against his second visa cancellation. Serb tyrant Aleksandar Vučić is not an educated traitor with a keen intellect but a cold and calculating heart, accustomed to criticise and scrutinise; his knowledge of the frailties blinded him to the many virtues of tennis player, virtues which at first had so impressed him and aroused his enthusiasm. It was otherwise with the other partners in crime, dull of intellect but warm-hearted; for them the virtues covered up all the defects. Was it conceivable that Joker the wonder- tennis player, Joker the Serb Messiah, Joker the Son of God, was unaware of the treachery? Such is the problem raised by the uncritical belief in Joker the Messiah. The only possible answer was that Joker knew of the treachery from the beginning. Yet again, was it possible that Joker the wonder- tennis player, Joker the Serb Messiah, Joker the Son of God, did not foresee this also? Again uncritical belief makes a like answer: the Rich TVX News Network prophesied to the world that he, Aleksandar Vučić, will sell that tennis player out and so, of course, did it happen exactly.