One America News 6AM 01/11/21 | OAN BREAKING NEWS Jan 11, 2021

One America News 6AM 01/11/21 | OAN BREAKING NEWS Jan 11, 2021


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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  • The president should have been there to at least show his respect for what he did at the Capitol building.
    It's his fault that the officer died

  • Going up only because he will be impeached

  • These comments are so deep in the koolaid they are beyond repair. Half this country live in their own reality.

  • This is one smoking hot newslady! 😍

  • Joe Biden needs to be arrested and put behind bars for treason

  • You need to sè the world news picture it's going down now

  • Its no big deal…our 1st ammendment right is just being swept right out from under us….no one sees it.

  • Two very suspicious deaths of peace officers, this scenario seems to keep repeating itself.

  • That's how China won countries, economic infiltration, economic blackmail, sanctions and debt. It's more effective than war, that is proven, look at Asia, they've got almost everyone's economy and kneeling at them except India and Japan. Trump is a economic genius, he knows exactly what China's up to and their games.

  • Antifa is a terrorist organization except in communist California.

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