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Alert Issued for Potential Nuclear Missile Strikes on Kyiv Air Bases

Urgent Message Sent to Commanders to Refrain from Criminal Orders

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Ukraine Attacked by Iranian Drones and Missiles

Breaking News Alert

A warning was received yesterday indicating that instructions were issued to air bases in Engels and Shaykovka to prepare TU-22M aircraft for potential missile strikes on administrative buildings in Kyiv. The source expressed concern that this could be the first time that nuclear weapons are used. Unfortunately, we have learned that several regions in Ukraine, including Odessa and Kyiv, were attacked by Iranian attack drones and missiles last night. The city of Kyiv has reported the most intense attacks since the beginning of the year, as announced by Sergei Popko, the head of the capital’s military administration. Popko also confirmed that debris had fallen in some areas due to the attack. The air raid lasted for three and a half hours throughout the night. The Ukrainian Air Force reports that 18 out of 24 Shaheds were successfully shot down, while local authorities claim that all drones and missiles in Kyiv were shot down and 12 out of 15 drones in Odessa were also taken down.

An urgent message was then transmitted at 00:30 Moscow time/Kyiv to commanders of various aircrafts and related personnel, urging them not to follow any criminal orders and to refrain from killing innocent people. They were advised to turn off their lights and return.

According to our sources, Russia has accomplished an unforeseen own goal by establishing a US military base only 200 km from St. Petersburg. American soldiers stationed on the Finnish-Russian border will not only be able to observe Russian activities but also have the ability to fire missiles with a relatively short range, intercept nuclear weapons, and cover St. Petersburg’s military district. This news is significant for Ukraine for two reasons: firstly, the proximity of the US base to St. Petersburg allows for potential strikes on the city and intercepting nuclear weapons. Secondly, the establishment of the base will require additional military personnel and equipment, which may impact the Ukrainian front.

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It is noteworthy that the Soviets made an attempt to take control of Finland using a similar strategy to Russia’s approach to Ukraine. Despite this, Finland managed to maintain its independence and neutrality and currently possesses one of the most competent armies in Europe, boasting a powerful artillery arsenal. In light of recent events, it appears that the Kremlin deliberately caused the explosion of “Cotton” to hinder Ukraine’s acquisition of long-range weapons.


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There are several reasons to support this hypothesis. Firstly, the Kremlin surprisingly released a video of the incident, which is atypical for them as they usually downplay such events. This suggests that they wanted to bring attention to the incident. Secondly, the fact that the attack targeted a phallic symbol of the Kremlin adds weight to the argument that it was a deliberate act. Thirdly, the airspace above the Kremlin is off-limits to flights, making it difficult for a drone to carry out the attack. Thus, the involvement of the Federal Security Service (FSB) is likely. Fourthly, despite their tendency to joke about such events, Ukrainian sources have not confirmed their involvement in the incident, which is unusual. The damage caused by the explosion is linked to the anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive, as they seek to acquire long-range missiles to target Russian logistics warehouses.

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Some sources speculate that the FSB orchestrated the attack to play on the fears of Western allies and reinforce the idea that Ukrainians are not to be trusted with missiles. While the plausibility of this hypothesis remains to be seen, there is a positive aspect to this event: cotton, a symbol of Muscovy, serves as a reminder of the incident. Furthermore, recent statements made by Peskov suggest that Putin may be hiding in the towers of the Kremlin. In response to the explosion in one of these towers, he stated that Putin was unharmed.


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