13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle – Who's next? Woke Cleveland Indians to become Guardians 7/28/21

Corporate America has caved once again to the cancel culture and the woke radical left. The latest “victim” is the Cleveland Indians baseball team who announced that the team will now be named the Cleveland Guardians. The only ones complaining about the old name were liberal elites. So, who will be the next team to be canceled?

Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo is gone. In his place will be a baseball with wings. Will the Kansas City Chiefs survive? What about the Atlanta Braves or the Chicago Blackhawks?

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:40 Cleveland Indians become Guardians; What’s next?
5:21 Twitter suspends accounts linked to election audits
8:57 AOC calls for abolishing all prisons
12:23 Coca-Cola rep. refuses to call out Chinese abuses

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Welcome to the 13-Minute News Hour hosted by Bobby Eberle. This show contains a combination of news, culture, and current events… all the things that interest Bobby and hopefully interest you as well. Bobby’s experiences in politics, engineering, and sports help form the content and his perspective. Please jump in and leave comments and encourage your friends to subscribe. (13-minute run time is approximate) 🙂


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  • COMMUNISM SUCKS!!!! I hate all this systemic leftist communism…its disgusting!!!!

  • all my indian friends are completely offended by this…and say its the most racist and vile thing since the democrats attacked their tribes way back and enslaved their wives and kids…

  • Implying anyone watches baseball.

  • Pillsbury is racist?? Lol

  • I will not listen to, watch, or sure as heck ever go to a "Guardians" game; professional baseball is dead to me.

  • Twitter needs to be shutdown- cold, hard, and forever. And let some LEGITIMATE projects rise.

  • It's funny how the libs are ruining sports and the teams keep on supporting them… like an animal devouring itself lol

  • Team Jeebus is being cancelled, thank fictional God.

  • Don't care about all of these sports losers anymore.

  • Down with woketobians

  • Aoc cant be that dumb

  • The Olympics are ruined, professional sports are ruined , once great American products are ruined and Hollywood is trash. These leftards are never going to stop! Y'all can do what ya want but as for me, I don't watch any of their crappy movies , sports or buy any of their merchandise! And ya know what ? Im not missing a thing! You can get along just fine without their crap, If we all stuck together and boycott their junk they would get the message! Money talks and bullshit walks!

  • They gave in. Shame on them for not fighting.

  • This Granny is not a lemming!

  • Isn't that the name of an album?

  • Of course AOC wants prisons gone. Is she afraid they will be her home soon? I wonder who was really elected in D. C.? Then you have "hey man," cornpop biden that is a racist, so no wonder they want Indians changed! Biden said in videos once before the election and right after before the results (1) he told a guy a one of his bug 6 people meetings that he didn't want his vote – HE JUST WANTED THEM TO BACK HIM UP AFTERWARDS; (2) then he said it's wasn't about the voting, BUT IT WAS ABOUT WHO WAS COUNTING THE VOTES! Evil!

  • Guardians to what!? To their ball and bats!🤣😂

  • I demand the DemocRat party be renamed to the America-Hating Marxist/Communist party. I happen to know and have talked to several RATS that are VERY offended by the DemocRat party name, because they give all true RATS a horrible reputation.

  • I’m Not Watching Cleveland Baseball Teams No More I’m Done With It

  • Love baseball but haven’t watched in 2 years. Rumor is that the “Guardians” are being sued by the original Cleveland Guardians 🛼🛼 and I hope they win for the Indians not asking permission to use the name. Should of never gotten rid of the Chief!! 🪶

  • Let biton it live at Langley. Its closer to gitmo.

  • The Cleveland nobodies is more like it. I'll never go to another game and everyone I know will not be buying season tickets anymore.

  • Yeah! Let's get rid of 2 letters and just add 4 more in its place and have no knowledge of the Amateur Roller Derby Team named the Cleveland Gaurdians since '11

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