🔴 LIVE: DC on Lockdown Update 1/17/21

🔴 LIVE: DC Lockdown Update 1/16/21

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  • So didn't want a wall to keep possibly dangerous illegals out of our country, yet the polititions have created a fence and a lockdown to protect themselves. Shows when it's about their own safety, they'll take drastic measures yet when it's the safety of our American people, no measures are taken. Quit wronging people and you'd have nothing to fear and we need just as much protection when our cities were being burnt down, innocent people attacked and killed. Where were all of you polititions at then? You were too busy try to gather votes of deceased people, bought social security numbers and fake IDs so you could win the election. The military is taking over now so there's no where to run or hide for the heinous crimes you've committed, hence the reason you're still trying to impeach a former president that is now a civilian because you're trying to shut him up. Your fact checkers that are ram by the Left, your social media outlets that are ran by the Left, Google that is ran by the Left and the media as a whole that is ran by George Soros, friends of the Left and has funded all these vile people to do, say and manipulate the public, will also go down for treasonous behavior. We won't be silenced and we'll know what's happening before they even will. The truth always comes out and when you have a whole country going after and hating one man, that should speak volumes. Trump knew and still knows enough to put most of these people away for life. Pelosi is one that will fit the last of her years away in prison and one that actually had the nerve to try to pull the 25th Amendment card to be used against Trump but the moron Joe Biden that cheated his way into office clearly falls under every guideline of the 25th Amendment, not being even remotely fit to run out country but they're using Bidens clear mental illness, to put Harris in as president. These demons must be stopped and held to the same regard as any other American that breaks the law or many laws not to mention the murder that has occurred and carried out by them and the Clinton's as well. 17 American flags, trimmed in Gold, Q.

  • I use to live in the suburbs by DC..it just is soo overwhelmingly rich in history & its very beautiful!! Love your positive take. Thankyou…for positive focus on a problem we are all concerned about! Blessings & Gods miracles with you ..all. So courageous of you.

  • CNN Chris Cuomo – "Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful," he said. "Because I can show you that outraged citizens are what made the country what she is and led to any major milestone. To be honest, this is not a tranquil time." "Too many see the protests as the problem," he said. "No, the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take the streets. Persistent and poisonous inequities and injustice."

  • The best is yet to come 😉

  • It looks like, this is an inauguration of different “ nation” that nothing to do with America, because it separates from WE THE PEOPLE country as The United States of America. Creepy. I feel Trump is still the president for all the lands except Washington DC.

  • they were Biden supporters that storm white house January 6 they were not president trump supporters they were Biden supporters that wanted are dear President Trump too get blamed and not win election it was a set up too look like they love president trump they dont they done this too hurt president trump so he would have too leave white house this information that they are biden supporters is from a roblox live streamer that loves president trump🌷 his you tube name is no name bill and he is very reliable

  • when that happened when white house was stormed by them people January 6 they were not trump supporters they were Biden supporters they wanted a wonderful president trump too get blamed so he would not win election it was a set up by Biden supporters they did not support president trump they wanted it too look that way so this dear President Trump🐇 🌷gets treated meen

  • Our Father in Heaven, Your enemies boast that they have outsmarted God and bullied the His people into cowardly submission while all the nations watch in horror. Lord, Fight for us: Rebuke the foolish Democrats, judge our judges, and put every RINO traitor to shame. Let the plagues of Egypt and the tormenting spirits of king Saul be upon the enemies of my president, Donald Trump. Divide the DC swamp and let it dry up like the fig-tree that Jesus cursed, while restoring your people as "the head and not the tail" according to Your word and for your glory (even if it means hardships for your people or even war), in Jesus name! AMEN!!!

  • Is Biden going to hold a military parade with nukes and everything? I wonder if there will be a giant painting of Biden hanging from the capital covered in yellow and red flowers.

  • I have been on different social media listen all the bull about Trump putting all the Troops there because he was going to call marshell law, I deleted FB.

  • If Trump leave this country in the hands these corrupt people and he runs again I will not voted for him. I am done voting for anyone. They wasted our taxes dollars on all those troop to protect this corruption is sad. The contry is domed.

  • Thank you RightSide Broadcasting 🇺🇸🙏🏻

  • 3 Republican state senators in Georgia demoted from chairmanships by Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan after pushing for election integrity

  • We been lied to

  • 👎👎👎 go home . Moran u just talk & talk , say something we Don't know .

  • Man u are waisting your time . The GLORY now is in Florida .
    Go home man .

  • What u looking at is the house of 👹😈

  • What a hell hole war zone I’d leave that and go back to Florida too

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