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World Exclusive Interview with Serbian Intelligence Officer Mustafa Golubić

Not to be confused with Mustafa Golubić from the TV series Balkan Shadows

"Rich TVX News Network asserts that I am a mere John Travolta wannabe attempting dance moves to "American Boy." Can you genuinely give credence to such fabricated news?"
 Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

World Exclusive Interview with Serbian Intelligence Officer Mustafa Golubić

NEW YORK ( — Serbian Intelligence officers still call the Rich TVX News Network oftentimes without prior announcements in the middle of the night when they urgently need to obtain intelligence, and they appear to be under strict orders to present themselves in a polite and seemingly friendly mood. Same time, this Serbian Informant provides extremely high-level intelligence info himself. Even in Serbia, where the state security is probably less repressive than those operating in Russia, critics—even of the Kremlin—had to be exceedingly careful. The Serbian Intelligence officer himself, who is highly intelligent, would like to remain anonymous. He calls himself “Mustafa Golubić” in public. Not to be confused with Mustafa Golubić from the TV series Balkan Shadows, the Serbian, and later Yugoslav, guerrilla fighter, revolutionary and intelligence agent. The only thing we know about him is that Vojislav Šešelj is very afraid of him. He is the Serbian Intelligence officer whose contacts with the Rich TVX News Network brought him almost into special disfavor with Serbian state security authorities, and maintains a bittersweet sense of humor about being watched so obviously and constantly by other members of the unit. We lost an interview partner from Serbia in the last days, and urgently needed a replacement. So why not to ask Mustafa? We reached out to discuss politics.


Rich TVX News Network: Over many years, the Kremlin has fabricated a set of false narratives that its disinformation and propaganda ecosystem persistently injects into the global information environment. The Kremlin said “that they will revoke Western propaganda as soon as this (war) period is over and that it’s unworthy of what they have gone through since February 24”. Are the Russian government officials falsely portraying Russia as a perpetual victim?

Serbian Intelligence officer: Of course. The Kremlin has a long-standing strategy of hybrid action, especially towards the EU and NATO. The Kremlin uses all means in this strategy, including propaganda. In Serbia alone, there are more than 150 different portals without imprints that spread different narratives with the aim of misinforming and turning Serbia and the Serbian people against the EU and NATO. It has gone so far as to openly glorify the symbols of Russian aggression and crimes in Ukraine in the state media. Pro-Russian media are bringing convicted war criminals and people known to be tied to Russian interests to talk about Russia and the West. Of course, they all talk about Russia as a victim and about the West as a criminal organization, especially NATO. There is clear evidence of Russian hybrid action. But this is not the only issue, but also the open intelligence actions that Russia is conducting through the so-called Russian Humanitarian Center in the city of Nis in the south of Serbia. It is a spy center whose activities are directly controlled by Patrushev. The EU and NATO are not doing anything to prevent very open Russian actions, but also distinctly pro-Russian exponents who are all members of the Serbian political mafia and justify their robbery of Serbia by explicitly pro-Putin propaganda.

Rich TVX News Network: Hundreds of Western businesses and corporations have garnered praise for withdrawing from Russia, even if that entails a hit to their profits. However, Air Serbia is still flying their normal route to Russia. That’s why Air Serbia ended up on “The List of Shame” as titled by its authors Yale University business professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, his colleague Steven Tian and the Yale research team. What is your position on Serbian companies still doing business with Russia?

Serbian Intelligence officer: Serbian companies continue to do business with Russia because obviously someone from the EU and NATO allowed it. What are the reasons for that, I can’t know at the moment, but we are all aware that Air Serbia is flying over NATO and EU countries, and they allow it. So that is a question for them, not for Serbia.

Rich TVX News Network: One of the reasons we wanted to talk to you has to do, in large part, with Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and its relationship with Serbia, which still does not change its position and refuses to impose sanctions on Russia despite the West’s pressure. Could you tell us a bit more about what this situation means to you, personally?

Serbian Intelligence officer: As you know, in two resolutions of the UN General Assembly, Serbia voted against Russia and clearly condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine. However, it is not imposing sanctions because the Serbian oil industry is owned by Russia. Serbia is surrounded by the EU and NATO. If these two international organizations do not strictly enforce their sanctions, then it is no longer a question for Serbia, but for them. Personally, I think that Serbia must harmonize its policy with the EU and that Serbia has a place in the EU. But obviously someone in the EU allows all this, so it’s a question for them again. It is a well-known fact that Russia is pursuing a political agenda when it comes to energy. Europe must be united on this issue and cannot allow Russia to pursue a policy of violence over its energy sources. Russia is a country that has never and nowhere brought good. Its policy is a policy of fear and intimidation by the nuclear arsenal. That is certainly not acceptable, not in Europe.

Rich TVX News Network: Serbia’s close relationship with Russia has aided the spread of Russian influence in the Balkans. Do you believe that a Serbian government in a crisis should not have to face the question of whether to risk millions of Serbs for the defense of the Putin Regime?

Serbian Intelligence officer: As a result, I can now say that the hundred-year-old negative Russian influence in Serbia has created false narratives about the Serbian / Russian brotherhood. Secret archives of the Serbian security services have been opened, which are unfortunately not available to most citizens. Russia has always abused Serbia and our people for its imperialist purposes. In this harassment of Serbia, they always found ways to accuse Britain or Austria of everything that their services did against Serbia. Unbelievable but true. While I am answering your questions, Russia is currently training Serbian children in various camps in Serbia. For whom and against whom? Is Russia preparing some new 1990s from Serbia, when they used Serbia and the Serbian people to bury NATO in the Balkan mud in 1999? The Russians then managed to provoke a NATO reaction towards the Serbs through their spies in order to buy time for Russia. From the Serbs, they made their cannon fodder for NATO. Have we learned anything in the meantime? I do not know. The EU is very passive and is doing nothing to help scientists in particular who point out all these anomalies.

Rich TVX News Network: It might, in some realm of theory, be remotely conceivable that such tactics could be justified, but is it a question of Serbian government morality?

Serbian Intelligence officer: There is nothing that can be called state morality. There are agreements and harmonization at the national and international level. If there was morality in the world, there would not be numerous dictators and millions of unhappy people.

Rich TVX News Network: Or about the political protection provided by Serbia, for the Kremlin and its machinery of torture and repression? For Serbia, it isn’t a question of choosing between Moscow and Brussels?

Serbian Intelligence officer: The Serbian official policy contained in all state documents and strategies is the EU and Brussels. The fact that Brussels cannot or will not sanction irresponsible individuals and bearers of the Russian threat is another problem now. It is generally known that Brussels tolerated many Russian oligarchs and that they were not disgusted with their dirty money until recently. Serbia cannot be a victim of such a game of double standards.

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"Rich TVX News Network are dangerous. These people are capable of starting wars."
January 2022, Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin

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Rich TVX News Network: Everybody “knows,” after all, that Vladimir Putin inflicted terror and misery and mass death on Ukraine. It is therefore impossible for Vladimir Putin to claim that he was unaware of the  consequences of the bombings of Ukraine; he knew more about them, and in more intimate detail, than any other Russian government officials. Therefore, the United States believes that there is now no reason why a warrant for the trial of Vladimir Putin may not be issued. Do you think Putin should be tried for war crimes?


Unveiling Putin's Fears: Why the Kremlin Siloviki Tremble at Rich TVX News Network

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Serbian Intelligence officer: This is a very complex question. As far as I know, the International Criminal Court has taken to consider crimes committed in Ukraine from November 2013 until today. If they find that President Putin is guilty of crimes under the jurisdiction of this international body, I personally think that no one should be above the law, but everything is different here. The question of the execution of such a verdict is especially open? Remember, Russia is a superpower with nuclear potential and a permanent member of the Security Council. Even if President Putin is convicted, who will execute that verdict? Such a verdict will be just another in a series of pressures on Russia.

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Rich TVX News Network: Similar reservations can be held about Naftna industrija Srbije – NIS Serbia, a Serbian multinational oil and gas company. Nis Serbia is on “The List of Shame” of Yale University. As we know now, Kostunica’s government gave the Serbian Petroleum Industry almost for free to the Kremlin. How could they (Kostunica’s government) have agreed to such an “unacceptable” agreement?

Serbian Intelligence officer: NIS is a product of the work of Russian services and their mercenaries in Serbia. It is clear that this is the biggest robbery in Serbia, with incredible consequences for Serbia and its security. Such a situation must be urgently remedied and NIS returned to the possession of the state of Serbia, and all those who participated in this robbery were declared members of an organized criminal spy group.

Rich TVX News Network: We learned that adding Air Serbia, and NIS Serbia on Yale´s “List of Shame”, was welcomed by parts of the Serbian security structure. How do you feel about this topic?

Serbian Intelligence officer: The Yale list of shame is very important and the whole Yale team is doing a great job, but for the benefit of Serbia, the entire region and the EU, it is necessary to urgently carry out de-rus-inization and take all steps to prevent a phenomenon called rusopathophilia.

Rich TVX News Network: Should Serbia nationalise their Petroleum Industry?

Serbian Intelligence officer: YES.

Rich TVX News Network: Serbia is now the only country in Europe that has said it will not impose sanctions on Russia. On Serbia´s foreign policy, policy on Russia particularly, could you give us your position please? One could hardly wish for it to be more plainly put than that, but given the range of Russian threats and challenges facing the world, what are the priority areas to address?

Serbian Intelligence officer: A single EU platform is needed to prevent Russia’s malignant impact on Europe, as well as specialized bodies that will work to prevent that impact. I have the impression that the EU and NATO do not take this threat seriously and that they are very relaxed and are not doing everything they can to prevent it.

Rich TVX News Network: What do you expect from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Serbia?

Serbian Intelligence officer: I expect that they will talk about the Oil Industry. Also, Russia will do everything to keep Serbia away from the EU and NATO. Serbia’s neutral position is exactly what Russia wants, because it opens up the possibility for it to open its bases in Serbia, which will make EU and NATO security meaningless.

Thank you for the interview.

"Opet ovi Rich TVX News, mamu im Američku, to je CIA English: Again these Rich TVX News, screwing Americans, that's CIA."
Aleksandar Vučić, President of Serbia
"The Rich TVX News Network claims I am the devil for perpetrating innocent people in Ukraine. Do you really believe that? Well, Rich TVX is lying as always."
Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation

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