We just do it better | Benny Johnson

Benny Johnson says “as a Conservative, you are part of a noble and honorable movement, you have nothing to be ashamed of,” and backs it up with some data. – via The Benny Report, Saturdays at 7:30 PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Right wing propaganda

  • Conservatives are more generous because most believes in God.

  • Ah the alternative universe of the trumpanzee cultists. Ya'll sick in the head people's …
    Shame on ya'll for that treasonous act on the 6th..

  • Yes get your kids out of public schools if at all possible it’s a den of indoctrination and immorality not reading writing arithmetic anymore

  • To be a leftist has to be exhausting. Can you imagine always being so miserable, constantly complaining, wanting everything for free, hypocritical, snobs, liars, cheaters, delusional, weak minded, always playing the victims, no integrity or honor, speech police, etc… It's really sad.

  • America is done. The globalists took over with almost no fight from the people. It's too late now, there will never be another "real" election. We have no voice, it's over. We had 4 years to try and fight back and most did nothing!

  • The answer of why people are happier is actually because of the peace of Jesus is with us.

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to a “Jericho” style synchronized ROAR on Wednesday January 20th, 2021 @ exactly 2:15pm EST /11:15am PST go outside, wherever you are, for one full minute! United States and Worldwide…feel the ROAR of all free human beings!

  • Thank you. Nice to hear good news.

  • FALSE: Hawaii is a blue state and it is all about OHANA (family). We have large families here with high fertility rate. Mainland stats do NOT apply to us. Stop false information

  • Unbelievable, this man can talk without arms & hands flying all over my screen.

  • remember those needles in clothing at Walmart ? There's now a china threat covid in icecream

  • Do what better? Not put up a fight? Cower to the woke mob? Get oummled and lied to? We believed in someone and we knew what was going to happen but did nothing to stop it. I am ashamed that we didn't act and our leaders didn't back the ones who did.

  • Benny’s voice and inflections sound just like Tucker Carlson. Why?

  • Thank You God for a devout Chrisitan in Joe Biden, he is in church every Sunday in worship, not out golfing

  • Democrats should be shamed to have a president who is so scare of his own people!
    That shows that president was not chosen by US nation . American History will record this inauguration as a battle field from president attack to his own people.
    Remember , People create a country , president with no support, love from his people is fraud system !

  • I hope nobody needs to hear this. Do we really need to remind people that it's good to not be a godless Communist? Not to mention that we won this election by a WIDE margin! Biden was appointed by the Chinese Communist Party. It's obvious! It doesn't take 25,000 troops to protect a legally elected President. Only appointed Communist dictators need that.

  • Why is no one talking about the obvious looming problem of Kamala Harris becoming our president after the democrats turn on him and use the 25th amendment to remove him due to his cognitive decline.

  • The Rebulican Party has changed over 4 years and the Left Media have been brainwashing the left to hate us. Really sad. We must save the left and keep peace but god wins in the end. I don't wanna be a revolution guy but people should need a level of fairness or our life is suffering. That's not fair. We deserve some level of respect.

  • Liberals don't believe in Christianity at its core.

  • Asian American so Proud to be a conservative & support our President Trump we vote legally!

  • Joseph McCarthy warned us… we didn't listen.

  • OF COURSE President Trump will issue a blanket pardon to those charged over the Capitol protests. He NEVER lets his followers down.

  • It’s ok and great to be conservative but it’s not ok to have a cult mentality where trump can’t be wrong about anything. The failure to criticize trump is a failing of a people who have adopted groupthink and cultish mentality and has nothing to do with conservative values. Trump is the opposite of conservative values, he’s a con man that cheated on his wife with an adult film actress

  • Yes we do!!

  • Well, California married no kids voted for Trump 🤣🤷‍♂️

  • We all know that already…it’s just time to fight back instead of complaining or cowarding…

  • I love this! Thank you! I knew this but it’s so good to hear it! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Hilarious video!

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