Trump most frustrated with Republicans | Report

WASHINGTON: The president is reportedly upset with Republicans and called the relief package a ‘disgrace’ after it was presented to him. Newsmax TV’s Logan Ratick shares details.

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  • Those money will go straight to all leftists media. Veto is a must.

  • 8 senators he ain’t happy with cause he saved their positions now they sit back and don’t help him fight the deep state
    He has exposed them as being lame ducks ,, now it’s their chance to resign if they no longer feel the need to fight

  • Get rid of Mnuchin. And whoever else doesn't vote for more stimulus. It's that simple. Why do swamp creatures get to keep their jobs while the people suffer?

  • why doesn't he fire these people on the spot????

  • Trump's not the only one upset with em. Most of them been dragging their feet these past few years much like they did on health care reform back in the early 2000's which thus gave us Obamacare.
    Mandarin Mitch McCCP needs his time rescinded and Barr needs to be barred from working in the government ever again.

  • The swamp has no party

  • Elect an idiot and suddenly every poorly educated human in the GOP is suddenly James Carville.

  • trump chumps fear facts and love lies

  • What a president. He should get another 4 years for this alone.Every single Republican who abandons President Trump, needs voted out!!Our President is being Screwed over by EVERY FREAKING BODY!

  • Why we had to send billions of dollars help other country we had to take care of our own people first
    All the Democrat and Republican politicians are crooks

  • We could certainly use this money to help all the homelessness in our country. Pelosi, did you ever think about solving the homelessness in your district? Oh, of course not. We need to take care of foreign countries first right? Or, what about the hungry children you kept talking about to get your bill through! Our children, America's children are standing in food lines at food banks and you want to give mega bucks to states. The control of government and states to dole out what you want us to have is ludicrous. I hope you will be punished for your evil deeds. You were offered $1.4 but having what you wanted was more important than taking. Care of the American people.

  • When you appoint Goldman Sachs and Rothschild Central Bankers to your Cabinet, you inevitably invite chaos and corruption.
    Wilbur Ross (Former Rothschild, Executive) – Secretary of Commerce
    Steven Mnuchin (Former Goldman Sachs, Executive) – Treasury Secretary
    Gary Cohn (Former Goldman Sachs, Executive) – Economic Adviser

    These were the individuals that Trump supporters defended as having the ability to rectify the abuse, because they were insiders and had turned over a new leaf.

  • And this is exactly why we're in debt 27 trillion dollars. The government has took it all.

  • Trump 4 more years as President is God's mercy to the American People.

  • I left the dem party when trump ran for office and I voted republican across the board ….after this stimulus bill I will not vote for either party the senate let us down

  • Cambodia has already taken over by CCP; why help them. Let the government of foreign countries be responsible for their citizens. You senate and congress need to tasked care of America citizens. Stop betraying Americans

  • All of America should be frustrated. And why not? Congress wants to treat foreign countries as though they were our Foster Children.

  • Thank you..
    Great video..

  • $2,000? Sounds like Socialism, Commie Trump.

  • Trump is such a pathetic loser. What a disgrace.

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