The Joe Cozzo Show – My Body My Choice, Such An Interesting Statement 9/2/21

Texas Lawmakers found a loophole to prevent women from getting an abortion. Pro-abortion advocates are screaming from the rooftops, ‘My Body My Choice.’ What other group could say the same thing?

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  • @RSBN Joe Cozzo, stop dicking around, your opinion is soo wrong, on abortion.
    Ever hear of Father's rights?!
    It takes two to create life. (Why not make it a responsibility in having abortions, too?)
    Where the real Dads at?!
    Will the real Dads please Step Up!

  • No I don't think we should tell people who are raped what they should do with their pregnancies. But I also don't think that it's okay to act like it's a life unless you're raped. Rape is a terrible thing and a pregnancy can be a consequence of that however the life created is not the one at fault and adoption is always an option. Again this is not maybe a choice for everyone but to be totally against it is like saying that's not a life anymore.

  • This woman who said she's angry at the religious zealots turning the nation into dictatorial is absolutely hilarious! You tell that to Obama when he harassed the Little Poor Sisters(all elderly sisters taking care of the elderly people too). He forced them to pay taxes for the Obama care and when these Sisters didn't approve of it, he dragged them to many exhausting court trials! Girl, you need to see this before you accuse! We respect your decision but respect others' decision too especially when they are majority in favor of no abortion. Few Vs many, the many always win!

  • omg the rape card are you serious. Since you are not a woman and I am let me help you out with this. If a women is raped they go and report it to police they go to hospital and gets a rape kit done and gets the morning after pill. If they dont want to report it they go to a pharmacy and get the morning after pill. There is no reason a woman that has been raped has to get an abortion when the morning after pill is available. So your rape argument is no longer vaild.

  • Abortion has nothing to do with conception or reproduction, it is the murder of the unborn fetus (offspring). It is just as wrong to murder the unborn child of a rapist as of a boyfriend or husband. Health conditions have nothing to do with abortion that is between the patient and doctor. We have 900,000 abortions a year in this country; twice as many as those who died “with” Covid. We jump through hoops to make sure not one person dies “with” Covid, but abortion is celebrated by the left and the uninformed as a religion.

  • It’s so funny how the vaxxed
    Don’t realize they are the lab rats.

  • Easy I got you joe. See it’s my body and my choice to take a vax but I don’t get to take the body and choice from that bb.

  • You like the Young Turks ???
    The extremely anti American and Anti Trump Young Turks…?

  • Rape is an issue, but are there not alternatives such as the “day after pill”?

  • This is what I've been saying for a while now regarding the vaccine. My Body, My Choice. I will never take the vaccine and I think abortion is murder.

  • I think your wrong! How many people are going to get an abortion because they lied and said they were raped

  • Thank you I totally agree with you the governor that is running California right now has destroyed California the saddest part is that he is related to Nancy Pelosi and she tells him what to do when do it how to do it where to do it he has no backbone we need somebody with backbone that's going to put our kids back in school that's going to stop lying to us about covid-19 and he going to clean up California and Gavin you proved you are not the right man for that job

  • It’s NOT the same thing… abortion kills the innocent that don’t get to choose life, and vaccines is a personal choice just like taking drugs or alcohol. I’m a woman and I disagree with you on this one.

  • I met Joe about 55 years ago and he was with a hot loud mouth blonde bragging about how he was going to be president someday.
    A female driven destiny from the get go is my guess… weird🤔

  • No one is Forcing you to Get a abortion .
    Abortion is killing..
    So when someone forcing to put something in your body .. This is not the same..
    You are mudding the issue..

  • Don't forget president Trumps Right to Try.

  • The my body my choice argument died the moment vaccine mandates started being pushed. The this is a women's rights issue argument died the moment "birthing people" became a thing. Doublethink is a real thing. But yeah I love the cleverness of what Texas has done. They didn't make it illegal but they made it problematic. They essentially did for abortions what mechanic shops do to people that want to change their transmission fluid after their 100k mile warranty has expires lol. For those who don't know, autoshops almost always turn you down from performing the procedure because they don't want to deal with the liability risk. So if you got a used car, change your transmission fluid and filter before the warranty is no good. And in this case, get this done before you get denied by the doctor.

  • As long as poverty exists, abortions will take place. Legal or illegal.

  • Democracy 🌎ly👿 🐂💩 along with Democrats need to be eradicated immediately they are totally an abomination and need to be eradicated like a wild boar, in their case treat them like a stubborn jackass

  • Was in the final interview process at an agency, just found out they mandate the jab. I Instantly disqualified them. I won’t even give them the dignity of responding, make them guess LOL

  • I will have to disagree with you as it isnt only the womans body. There is another body. Plus the difference with abortion and the Covid is….in abortion one person dies no matter what and does not have a voice or a chance to defend or protect themselves. With Covid people can defend themselves.

  • how can a person be against choice when you've grown up as an American ?

  • Stop removing my comments, I'm telling you the truth. It has abxrted baby parts in the jab. Go research it and you will find its the truth.

  • No, abortion is wrong under any circumstances.

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