The Joe Cozzo Show – Interview with Shawn Farash of the Long Island Loud Majority 7/9/21

Shawn Farash is a force to be reckoned with, an American Patriot and creator of the Long Island Loud Majority. His events cultivated a conservative movement that brought America First back to New York.

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  • It's pathetic….
    High stakes criminals parading around posing as leaders! They sell out their own Country and countrymen without a blink of an eye!
    Are we nOt still a Nation of Laws?! Rules for they… nOt for me! I call b.s. 💔🇺🇸

  • Both of these groups are differences.they steal equally.Pres.Trump is still the actual president.100 million people are not wrong,the 25%who voted biton it are bent. ccpnn got all the smatt ones.

  • Many here in France know Buy-den is commander in THIEF. Can't wait for DJT to assume his rightful place again. God's timing will be perfect.

  • Voices out of sync, your not looking so professional just lately.

  • This is great! I didn't realize there is still hope for the Island. I grew up in Hicksville in the 60's. I will always love the Island. Thanks Shawn, for being a true Patriot! 💪👹🇺🇸

  • Cuomo has the Mafia accent

  • Great show. Shawn, love your fearless patriotism and energy!

  • I'm praying that Trump can return to office soon since he won the election!! 🙏

  • Hey guys LOVE THE SHOW !!! MAGA MAGA !!!

  • Who shot asjleigh

  • Need a trump parade I n jodak tn to gàinburg tn

  • Great Show! as awesome as Shawns impersonations are, what he is doing is more important. love the RSBN! Auburn Alum! Amazing what you guys are doing! WDE! War Damn AMERICA!

  • Trump is one of them…did he put hellery in prison?? NOOOOO….DID HE LET US DOWN?? BIG TIME!!! THEY ARE ALL LIARS!!


  • Rock on President Trump won in a landslide election night and the world knows the truth. ♥️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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