The Joe Cozzo Show – Democrats Turn Their Back On Healthcare Workers 9/29/21

Healthcare workers risked their lives to save Americans during the pandemic. And now Democrats are treating them like second-class citizens. It’s a disgrace.

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  • Cozzo what are you talking about???? We can not forget 2020!!!! Rigged elections need to be exposed to everyone!!!!
    Elections in plural !!!

  • Sorry but if the 2020 fraud isn't pursued and people aren't held accountable…. that is the sane as saying whats the point of pursuing a criminal for a crime that happened a year ago. The fraud has to be found, people held accountable, and election integrity (voter id) needs to happen. Trump is obligated to keep pushing it

  • Very disappointed to hear Joe C advocating to allow the criminal theft of our 2020 election. If someone stole his identity and financially ruined his life, would he just "just over it and move on"? Or would he pursue justice I definitely?

  • If we don't get 2020 corrected, nobody will ever trust in the elections again.

  • Why is it that the NG that will be filling the positions that nurses are fired from don’t have to take the jab until June of 2022??? We know why. It’s not about health.

  • United we are praying for successful AuditsUnited we are praying for legit elections if not we will never have a free country “Save America”🇺🇸

  • I think you are wrong..if 2020 is not fixed it wont matter , because 2022 will already be lost hence 2024 will already be lost also.If you do not have a solid team behind you, this time…it will not matter WHO runs in 2024 because it will be a mute pint and we already lost this country.

  • You're absolutely wrong Joe. We have to keep talking about 2020! Because it Was rigged, the dems did cheat, Trump Won that election! We can't shut up and just move on. Move on to what? More rigged elections? More cheating by democrats? Never winning another election, ever again? It'll never get fixed and our elections will never be secure again if we or trump stops talking about it. Denying reality won't fix a damn thing!

  • If they don’t fix 2020 there is no 2024 .

  • You need to shut up

  • Listen, I agree with Joe on this. Trump needs to focus on positive talking points from now on of how he will fix the country and the mess democrats have created and let the republicans work behind the scenes on fixing the 2020 election fraud situation and stopping it from happening again by actually doing things like introducing legislation and taking cases to challenging them in court, instead of just whining about it.

    Trump needs to drop the 2020 election talking points and let republicans work on that part behind the scenes and just focus in talking about the present situation and how he will fix it for all Americans. Instead of reviving the old hate feeling some had for him by continuing to kicking the dead horse so that he can have a better chance at gaining new voters. Because unfortunately even though we know he won, there’s nothing that will be done about it at this point, as much as we all hate it. Present and future must be his talking points. 🇺🇸

  • You're not vaccinated? That's why you look so healthy. Take care Joe🤓

  • This is the most honest, common sense conversation I have seen yet. Democrats have lost their minds. Mentally ill.

  • That would be racist. It was when the student said it, would be any other time. Honestly, that is a prime example of the double standard racism running wild out there. Yet its not the white folks causing it in most cases. Especially when it comes to CRT. It's a combination of hatred and ignorance. In the end it has little to do with race. Its about a desire for special treatment. Has been for some time in many many cases now days. And I say that having no interest in race as a factor in my life one way or another. I take and evaluate my interactions based on what people show me, and who they show they are. Race isnt even a consideration in that equation. Merit and character, and personal honor is.

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