The German rapper Bushido has released his new song “Mythos”

Bushido - Mythos (prod. Bushido)

The German rapper Bushido has released his new song “Mythos”


NEW YORK / BERLIN ( – The German rapper Bushido (The word “bushido” is Japanese and means “Way of the Warrior”), has blessed fans with new music. Bushido can’t miss and “Mythos” is a great rap song: singular, iconic, and has a cool video treatment. From The Forthcoming Album Mythos [Explicit]

Bushido found himself embroiled in various scandals in Germany, as he has long been considered closely associated with the Abou Chaker clan. The German mainstream media often revels in speculation about the so called “Arab clans” in Berlin. According to estimates, close to 20 large Arab family clans live in Berlin. They each have up to 500 members. The clans, which consist of Turks, Arabs and Africans operate primarily in Berlin, the capital and the largest city of Germany. Arab clans live in Berlin’s Neukölln suburb and have divided certain streets amongst themselves, but they are also active in the Ruhr area and Bremen.

The leader of the Abou Chaker clan, Mr. Arafat Abou-Chaker was a close business partner of Bushido. In late March 2018, Bushido unexpectedly announced the separation of Mr. Abou-Chaker. Since this incident, the German media are full of speculation.

Ma sha Allah ,gratuliere mein Cousin zur NRW Meisterschaft Sieg ??????

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Arafat (@arafat) am

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