Sen. David Perdue: China is targeting young impressionable liberals

Georgia Senator David Perdue has been blasting Democrats for their open door policy with communist China. One America’s Daniel Kitchen shares more.

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  • McConnell owns Trump. Republican Party stands with McConell. Let the Dems pass $2000 checks 🇺🇸

  • Ive come across more open communists in the last 2 months than I have my whole life. The ignorant/arrogant are getting more so, really dont wanna waste my life and the worlds time on this going socialist stepping it up than reversing but f*ck

  • Why don't you focus on the real important issues?

    1. china have signed the largest trade agreement ever within the last two weeks.
    2. Now, China and the EU are signing another one….

    All of which without the involvement of the US…….ok, Biden is now trying to intervene, however, this is simply too late as Trump has perfectly paved the way to get this done.
    He is not MAGA but putting uns behind the EU and China.

    It will be the next generations paying the price for this incompetent lunatic who is nothing but putting himself first.

  • Everyone should boycott all Chinese products and say "No" to communism. Then liberals in this country will start losing money and power. Let's see how they like that.

  • Make sure to support President Trump on January 6th. Contact your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to object to the Biden electors, and support the Trump duelling electors. This election fra@d must be stopped now, China's CCP interference stopped, and Trump electors recognized on January 6th. Supporting Trump NOW is the only way that there will be fair election outcomes in Georgia or anywhere else!

  • Right wing propaganda is based on lies by wealthy narcissists

  • So reverse perdues are the problem? That is the ultimate “ NOT ME”! I guess he’s done nothing the last four years to fix it though…..

  • Where's the $2000 that Trump wants for us, David? China ate it?

  • This message is to my friends in the US. You have one nice neighbour, Canada. How come, that COVID cases and deaths are 3 to 4 times lower in Canada than they are in the US???

  • If a Dem hides a scandalous bit of information from voters, and it is brought to light, it is always called an oversight.

  • The chinese government is yelling that it is going to defeat the US while building a military and we do nothing. This would be like having a neighbor saying they are going to burn our house down while building a flamethrower and deciding to beat your wife and go to sleep. It's an abuse of the American people to let an enemy openly wage economic, cultural and military war, while taking millions in bribes.

  • Hate china love me

  • It's So true! Citys such as Rancho Mirage, California have sent their council member to China?

  • Swallowell for example, Chy-na Joe for another

  • Too late the country has been SOLD OUT at bargain basement prices by both the Left and the Right wing politicians. They think they will be saved by the great reset of China. Nah, they will go straight to the camps for surgery if they are not too old…. Sell outs..

  • Research who Mitch McConnell's Wife is? China China China. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Has he blasted Ivanka for having Chinese patents?
    Has he blasted Donald for having a secret bank account in China?
    Has he blasted Donald for making China an international competitor?

  • Yes send all the liberals China

  • If we can't follow the laws and constitution with the intention to be fair and honest then … Let the military handle it !!
    Correct it now or forever be compromised by a lawless government…


  • Love this idea, turn a blind eye to the corruption Perdue has been involved in for his entire political career and create a completely false narrative about China being bad.Hahahahahaha

  • Democrats love communism and and control

  • You report this now and not in the 1960ds. WTF. China will rule the world its just a matter of time..They break the backs of the people, keep the money and build armaments while a their people bread like fucking rabbits rating crap

  • The war is here. Start fighting it. Gitmo is open

  • Keep lying, & we’re all Republicans, and Democrats are going to suffer.

  • Who is this outfit which broadcasts your videos? الشراف – Chourraf

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