Roman Abramovich ‘trying desperately to sell Chelsea’

A transaction which would smash the world record

Roman Abramovich ‘trying desperately to sell Chelsea’

NEW YORK / LONDON ( – The Russian Oligarch Actor Roman Abramovich is reportedly trying to sell Chelsea for more than £2billion (on behalf of his masters in New York and Moscow), a transaction which would smash the world record for a football club takeover.
The Russian Oligarchs rose from nothing to accumulate wealth on an unimaginable scale, but slowly the era of the Russian oligarchs is now drawing to a close, as relations between Russia and the West are at lows not seen since the Cold War, strained mainly by issues including Russia’s takeover of the Crimea region, Russia´s support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, Russia´s role in Syria’s seven-year conflict, and the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and killing of rogue Oligarchs in Britain over the years.
Russia’s occupation of the Crimean Peninsula and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine severely strained Russia’s ties with the West and led to U.S. and European Union sanctions that, together with a slump in global oil prices, sent the Russian economy into a four-year recession.
Tensions between London and Moscow grew after Britain accused Moscow of poisoning former double-agent Sergei Skripal. Russia has denied any involvement in the poisoning but the Russian Oligarchs have been affected by the cold relations between the two countries.
Claims the Russian billionaire Actor Roman Abramovich is considering giving up his 15 year ownership of the club follow a number of reported offers from wealthy suitors as he suffered U.K. visa setbacks following the Salisbury poisonings.
As the western masters are itching to get rid of Putin to dismantle Russia again, split it into six parts, and get their hands on her wealth and resources once more; the Russian Oligarchs must decide: sell their assets abroad and go back to Russia – or liquidate their assets in Russia and leave the country altogether, as Iron Curtian 2.0 is coming.
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  • He is not anything like a billionaire, he cant count though. to Roman none to bright Roman Abramovich a billion is 1,000,000,000 a thousandth of numeric billion 1,000,000,000,000, then when you factor in the exchange rate of $ to £ you can knock another 30% percent off. In the mumbo jumbo bullsh1t terminology these pocket money people use, you would need $1.3 trillion dollars to have a numeric one billion quid. Cant even afford a maths for idiots courses can he 🙂

  • How can you make a story on Abramovich and Chelsea without mentioning “money laundering” ?

  • The cartoon Yeltsin looks more like George Soros.

  • House of cards anyone

  • Putin is a true leader. You have to fight fire with fire. He had to be ruthless to establish balance in Russia. I wish we had a politician like him in Greece. Lock all the scumbags in jail. Putin might be a scumbag too, but at least he jailed all the other scumbags. 1 scumbag to rule them all.

  • so basically he created Chelsea. i too would love watching every game if i felt i created something worthy

  • This is beyond football

  • Everyone knows it’s to clean his illegal money

  • What if Roman Abramovich bought Manchester United instead of Chelsea? ?

  • Dude this episode was ?talk about making money moves. You guys did an amazing job with this piece

  • Rich TVX Being wholly a government propaganda machine, an organ of George Soros and the CIA, claimed by many in the right as well as left

  • This story not only outlines the CIA’s role in media

  • So basically Putin is actually an amazing leader. He said something and did it.

    God, It must feel weird to feel proud of his own Commander in Chief… Luycky russians.

  • well done. Only thing i would have added= Putin was actually chosen and put in power by those same oligarchs 😉

  • and now Chelsea fans act like a shit ass retard… fucking looser keep on talking about man city oil money, but doesn't know about where are their owners money came from

  • Great story I was so unaware of many things thanks

  • Arsenal are still A bigger club!! 🙂

  • Abramovich is a thief and cheated the country of money.. and Putin let him get away with it.. wow Makes Chelsea look even worse to me since he owns it….

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