Rep. Nunes: Presidential Medal is recognition of constituents and GOP staff

In an exclusive interview following his reception of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) told One America’s John Hines the award is really recognition of the support of his constituents in his state and his fellow congressional staff.

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  • True patriot thank you

  • Nunes is a Hero to America! Here is criminal evidence on the corrupt FBI and the Criminal Bidens!

  • What Nunes really got is a Trump Medal for Toadyism. He's probably the highest-profile Trump bootlicker!

  • WHY wasnt that aired??

  • Very well deserved. Thank you

  • Rep Nunes …. what can we do to help legally prevent this stolen election?

  • Presidential medal? That is more of an insult than anything else at this point!

  • TRUMP is the only Honest person!

  • Congress and the Senate are LIARS.

  • In a party full of creeps Devin Nunes is among the creepiest.

  • Ahhh the lizard people channel

  • Was this medal for his courage in bringing information back to the whitehouse late at night and facing cameras about why he would pretend it was new info even though the WH gave him the information?

  • Isn’t it funny how OnAN isn’t posting ANYTHING about yesterday’s treason or how Trump incited violence on his behalf? Like Mulvaney, they’re trying to avoid a law suit for supporting Trump’s lies about the election and COVID etc. The OnAN defense will be thst they aren’t really news, they’re entertainment and are just trying to make a few bucks off any idiot conspiracy-believing moron in the US. Free trade! The moron market is large, someone needs to exploit it.

  • Medal of freedom for all his efforts to cover up and assist the traitor in chief who incited yesterday’s insurrection. I hope you and mulvaney (who bravely quit his nothing job with 13 days left in the administration of a traitor) get cells right next to Trump’s so it is more convenient for you in jail. Leave the medal at home, though, D-Dawg. It’s shined and bright and might get pilfered.

  • Bla bla bla…… No one believes in ANY INSTITUTION in the capital any more. Why would they? Look at them. Look at the corruption. Look at their actions and look at what they get away with. Who would honor such a " institution," ? It's not a white house it's a corruption CONDONED sanctuary for corruption . A dark house. It's no different than a third world country government regime. Worse actually.

  • ou label left wing protestors as violent thugs. Well, here you go, you are no better. Everyone involved belongs in prison for sedition. Words have meaning and you have promoted and pushed the lies and conspiracy theories. Blood is on your hands. Trump is guilty for inciting and act of insurrection and should be charged and executed for doing so.

  • Losing…..

  • The Orange "Pied piper" swatted the Hornets nest and ran back home to hide, maybe his bone spurs were acting up. He sat at the White House and now he is laughing all the way to the bank. Since November 4th his collections from donors are over $300,000,000 . Arrest him and all those that are complacent….short list of arrests or removed from office. Josh Hawley MO, Sen. Marsha Blackburn TN, Sen. Mike Braun IN, Sen. Steve Daines MT, Sen. Bill Hagerty TN, Sen. Ron Johnson WI, Sen. John Neely Kennedy LA, Sen. James Lankford OK, Sen. Cynthia Lummis WY, Sen. Roger Marshall KS, Sen. Rick Scott FL, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, Sen. Ted Cruz TX, Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Jim Jones OH, Devin Nunes CA and Lindsey Graham SC. I know some decided to not to challenge Arizona after the riots but the seeds were sown and the gas was thrown on the fire before someone lost their life. If a person incites a criminal act and runs away after someone dies aren't they still charged for the death?

  • ITS worthless if biden ( obuma ) takes office

  • congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and his fellow congressional staff. Congratulations, well deserved. Your service, patriotism, and bravery are greatly appreciated.

  • All Republicans WILL continue to WORSHIP President Donald J. Trump. He executed the Greatest Raid of the Capitol! Amen! Amen!

  • Love you Devin

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