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The Real Issue Isn’t Whether Klaus Schwab Is Crazy Enough To Pull It Off

The Myth And The Reality Of "The Great Reset"

The Real Issue Isn’t Whether Klaus Schwab Is Crazy Enough To Pull It Off

NEW YORK ( – The alarm about the nature of Klaus Schwab‘s ideas was sounded eloquently in the widely praised international bestseller COVID-19: “The Great Reset.” The Rich TVX News Network’s main objective is to help understand what’s coming in a multitude of domains, offering a panoramic overview of the future landscape of the coming “The Great Reset.” Klaus Schwab is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab remained shrouded in a mix of official paranoia about revealing the details of his “Great Reset” plans and the maintenance of his cult of personality through the continuance of the mythology that has surrounded him since he founded the World Economic Forum. Mr. Schwab holds doctorates in Economics (University of Fribourg) and in Engineering (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and obtained a masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Mr. Schwab has received numerous international and national honours, including 17 honorary doctorates. Tyranny remains abstract until you have lived through it, and can remain without embodiment in flesh and blood and real human feeling, even in spite of such powerful ideas as Klaus Schwab was able to pass on through his words. Schwab’s tragic pessimism if he will make it in time is culminating in deep anxiety appeals to an amorphous community which is fickle and unsure of itself, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps Schwab´s paranoia was about to give way to an outburst of “The Great Reset.” Ultimately little changed and, subsequently, many of “The Great Reset” plans announced were rolled back. However, 2030 remains the clearest indication of the possibilities of change, but many are still very sceptical.

Wall Street And The Great Reset

Klaus Schwab is not the crazy and irrational Dark Imperator much of the tabloid press sought to portray him as. As one journalist noted, “The real issue isn’t whether Klaus Schwab is crazy enough to pull it off but whether he is crazy enough to dispossess himself of his one bargaining chip.” Time will tell, as it appears that Klaus Schwab has no new sources of information above and beyond those provided to him, but where did Klaus Schwab fail? Was it because the underlying assumption that the annexation of the World is “legitimate,” or “understandable,” even if it is illegal. Why are we so disappointed that Klaus Schwab was not able to convince the Wall Street? “The Great Reset” meant that if the Wall Street had to be given up—separated from the World—in the name of “The Great Reset” or a formality like “international law,” which was so obviously being imposed, then the people ought to be compensated with something. Why not a piece of Dystopia? It is as though nearly billions of people had nothing else to hold them up in the World except two props: Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. If the Wall Street and the Bankers coalition, were absolutely insistent on knocking down one of these precious props, then the very least they ought to do was to stiffen up the other. “How much is enough?” derived its moral force among Wall Street Bankers from this kind of thinking; and to reject Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset,” based on feed envy, looked as though one was indulging in double standards in relation to the whole issue. The growing discussion about the “The Great Reset” in the mass media and media bias lead eventually to Schwab’s downfall, as an expanding, educated Wall Street increasingly rejected World Economic Forum´s rule.

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