Putin Warned of Powerful Dark Forces

Russian President calls out shadow government

Putin Warned of Powerful Dark Forces

MOSCOW (RichTVX.com) – “Powerful forces” within the U.S. are aggravating tensions between Russia and the USA at the expense of their own national interests, according to President Putin.

During his speech in front of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President Putin identified, “Forces in the United States that are willing to sacrifice Russia-USA relations to promote their ambitions amid the domestic political strife in the USA.”

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  • Putin is smart and aggressive when answering any questions from U.S media (pay extra attention to body language and some comments) , he knows much about U.S culture and politics, The man is a psychological genius. He pretends not to know anything but at the same time gives you an explanation to why not Russia and ask for evidence which is true. The man is slick I don’t think no one will ever dig any real dirt on this man unless it comes with real evidence and reliable sources

  • not very good interpreter …

  • Americans..very dump as this man set ask smart leader this dummy questions !!

  • Путин МОЛОДЕЦ ! ПОКЛОН !

  • Vladimir Putin please get rid of your English translator, I mean fire him because he doesn't translate your speeches properly. I've listen to your interview in Russian and now the English version – a lot of what you've said got lost in translation. I've been living in Toronto since 1997 and finished high school here. I am fluent in English and I can say that he is a terrible translator. Have someone get you a better one. I really enjoy listening to you in Russian. All the best господин президент.

  • He does not know that interrupting is not good. What kind of ignoramus? Putin is the most clever and intelligent politician in the world.

  • "Yes you are trying to interrupt" …cant you listen properly, Wallace?

  • Putin shows us how a REAL world-class statesman handles lightweight propagandists like Chris Wallace.

  • I hear the translator speaking to slow while Putin talking fast. Is the translator saying each word Putin is saying?

  • at least Megan Kelly does not fill so bad

  • I don't know why so many people got angry with Trump sharing the blame. It is partly our fault for issues with Russia. It wouldn't have come to this if our government did their job. There's a reason were not supposed to horde classified emails on our bathroom server, in other words, SLOPPY. But then people hated Regan for being tough on Russia so I guess the bottom line is that you can't win with some people.

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