President Trump meets Britain’s Queen Elizabeth

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President Trump meets Britain’s Queen Elizabeth

Berkshire ( – President Trump met Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

The U.S. president had earlier praised Queen Elizabeth as a “tremendous woman.”

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  • British government tells nigil farage he can't meet with president Trump on his visit to the USA. socialism…… Europe….. Tyranny everywhere

  • ??????

  • red blue and white. the same colour flags

  • May MUST be removed from power, she is the ultimate hypocrite, she is always safe while you citizens always gamble with your safety against radical/violent Islam. May is delusional, remove her and put Nigel in her place.

  • I think he is a mad president he will take usa to the hell

  • Just come here to compare british accent to american accent.

  • ההההההההההבשןאוריBASHANORIהההההההההה

  • She makes Trump sound like a 3rd grader…ugh!!

  • Theresa makes Trump look like an uneducated twat

  • I rather have the prime minister of uk for our president

  • United Kingdom and United States of America are my favorite countries ever and are good allies. I really want to explore the U.K..

  • May does not care about the ppl of England, she is very willing to gamble with citizens lives with 88 sharia courts, radical/violent muslims all over the country, constant bombings while she is very protected, she is NOT willing to gamble with her life but yours she is. Impeach May, Trudeau, Merkel, Khan and get leaders that will PROTECTS its ppl, NOT come out and talk every time there is another attack.

  • As long as David Cameron is gone but I really wish we stayed with the EU without them we are pretty much dead ??

  • Trump !!!!!

  • sometimes keep your mouth shut please Donald you going to make a war with Japan which is our Ally I'm trusting you

  • Torture works, it's also fundamentally and morally wrong and I can guarantee you that if we tortured Donald Trump when we were finished he would understand that, it works like a charm there is a reason why our founding fathers wrote the constitution and fout the American Revolutionary war to create this nation to expel he twisted and evil ideology that was cowardly Of a tyrannical and usipatory power , the English , what part of no cruel and unusual punishment does he not understand maybe he would understand it if it had been done to him . I hope I'm not making tweets like I'm the president because then I would just sound like a complete idiot, how much longer are the American people going to tolerate this intolerable evil

  • 小普哥,strong 呀。

  • pause at 18:26 lol

  • Wow, the British press on fire

  • i dont think donald actually understands what the implication really are. he just keeps saying Brexit

  • When trump was trying to be presidential

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