Mathematician: Election numbers don’t add up

Short OAN clip with mathematician Edward Solomon on Jan. 27th 2021. Edward’s channel can be found at

OAN can be found at and also here on yt.


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  • This is zo interesting. Such a smart guy. Wonder what he does for a living?

  • It would sure be nice if anyone of integrity in high places did something about this!

  • Sand not one judge, including the Supreme Court wouldn't look st the evidence

  • Doesn't seem to be much talk about this, maybe math is overrated?

  • Lazy ass public just going to sit on their couch and complain it was stolen but do nothing about it just waiting for something to change … Our forefathers would kick our asses if they could see us now … Thanks electronics for dumbing the world into a slumber

  • It’s not just in Georgia. I’d be willing to bet President Trump won in almost every state!!!

  • All the children across America will start CHEATING. Because if the president of United States can CHEAT, then that’s an example being set to all the children across the world. The way you get ahead is you CHEAT. Great example you have set Mr. fake president! The cheating left and the cheating Biden has set a great example for the children of America. Good luck cheating children of the future

  • 122 views in 15 hours lol how hard you tryna shadow ban, YouTube!?!?

  • So we have the info but yet no one does anything about this.

  • Landslide win was taken away we know.

  • I’m not even a mathematician and I can still tell you the numbers don’t add up 😅

  • This is the umteeth mathematician to show a mathematical impossibility.

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