Kelli Ward just provided a Maricopa Audit update on OAN

Kelli Ward just provided a Maricopa Audit update on OAN.

Starting today, they have added a 3rd shift of auditors. This means they will likely be done sooner than we thought 🇺🇸


  • Great report thanks!
    btw, yt is making it hard to find these reports. please share and help get the word out of where to find – thanks

  • Silly trumptards just can’t move on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I believe if I were writing the report, I would have started at the outset and make daily revisions. I am certain they are doing that.
    So the final report may just be a day or two after they get done looking at the ballots.

  • Kelli..
    Thank you!!!
    But, I do take issue with the Reporters statement that no restitution is possible.
    I expect hard-ball on this if the results are as I anticipate. No more nice guys…
    Again, thank you for your fine work, it's always a pleasure to see your updates.

  • It's really about time you mfkrs stop the crap. There was no fraud. It's been debunked 7 ways from Sunday. Trump is a grifter and you got caught up in it. The cost? Our democracy. Our country. Our very identity and respect in the world. It's really getting dangerous. More and more people from your camp are calling for even more violence over a big lie. Trump will stick to the lie even if it costs millions of lives and destroys our country. He already has practice taking millions of lives through covid negligence so he just doesn't care. The more seriously you continue to take the big lie, the more likely you'll get rounded up by the FBI, Homeland security, etc. because of the threat you pose to truly innocent men, women and children. I'm talking about your neighbors, your fellow Americans who you'd currently rather see die than to concede. I just hope they lock enough of you up to prevent the next Jan 6 before it's too late to save what we've worked so hard to build.

  • Listen to me very very closely. I WAS WATCHING! AUDIT CALIFORNIA!!!!! Trump flipped California!!!! I repeat. California was RED!!!

  • So they’ve expanded the audit because they couldn’t find any fraudulent activity at the level they stated at. So expanding the audit they are hoping to find something.

    So when you finish this audit, you find nothing what do you say?

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